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Baltimore Chinchillas
Your one stop for everything Chinny related in and around Baltimore!
About a year ago, I had no idea what a chinchilla was. But then fate lead me to a little pet store. That day I had realized that I had left my purse at work so I stopped at a Shopping center to use a payphone. As I hung up the phone I saw a pet store and decided to pop in to see what kind of animals they had. And then I saw him. A little gray bundle of fluff looking ever so lonely in his cage. I talked to the owner and he told me how the little chinchilla had been there for a while and he was anxious to find him a home. I asked how much and he said he could offer the cage, acessories and chin for $150 dollars. The next day "Nibbles" came to his new home. And thus, the addiction began.
   My first chinchilla was unfortunatly an impulse buy and so I didn't know very much about my new little friend. But through the couple of years I've learned so much! And my knowledge is growing everyday. I made this page so other Baltimore chinny owners can have a place to go to for links and such for all there chinny needs. This is a working progress so relax, be patient and most of all--enjoy!
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This site was last updated on November 13, 2003
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