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May you have the peace of knowing yourself.

Life Strings Counseling

A service offered to humanity by a
Life String Enhancer

My primary goal is to assist you in your journey to self-realization--whether you are making this journey consciously or unconsciously. My role in helping you get to know you beyond your gross self is small, but significant. In this passage, if I have at least turned your attention to your Greater Self, that is your achievement.

I am a Life Strings Enhancer--one who can help you make your life the best it can be. All of you have natural abilities, and many of you pass through Here without discovering any of them. I also have other abilities that I have not investigated, and I'm not sure that I will in this lifetime. You, too, have special abilities to offer in contributing to healing the Whole and to enhance your own life as well. A Life String is the path you have chosen wth its range of experiences. It is about making choices. There are many aspects of Life Strings that revolve around making choices.

Let's say you discover that you are a Gatherer, a Scribe, a Molder, a Healer, a Seer. If you elect to serve in this life as a Gatherer, you have chosen a Life String! It will have an outcome that would, of course, be different than any of the other choices you could have made. On the Gatherer Life String, you will also make choices in your experience of
living that String. You may be a Gatherer for spirit circles, then decide to render your services to internet spiritual counseling services. This choice will change your direction.
You will always be making choices--not just as a Gatherer, but as a parent, the cook
in your home, the lawnkeeper, a sibling, a friend; you will choose one car instead of another, one garment instead of another, and so on... You continuously make choices
and they have an outcome. So you should be conscious of the life you are
creating with your higher choices. I help you with the higher choices by guiding you inward to find the solution to your perceived problems. Be informed that I do not offer predictive readings. We have perceptions of the "past" and "future," but in reality, there is only the eternal present where we create as we go along. I will not entertain queries about the antics of your wandering lover, but I will pull your Life String.

Pulling your Own Life String

You may choose to write a story and call it Vulture's Colony. Then you decide to publish it in a small writer's journal because you have a message to share or perhaps a little income to gain. You may also be setting your intentions to alter your miserable circumstances as a writer by doing "something." Your new story is published in the journal. A year later, you receive a letter from a major magazine requesting permission to use your story. The dominoes fall and you become a successful writer. You have pulled a Life String!

You also make choices that create complex and stressful situations, bringing pain upon yourself and sometimes others. They too are Life Strings. Be mindful that others in your life also make choices that impact you as well. Your child may decide to throw a rock through someone's living room window! You have to deal with the consequences of that behavior (and hopefully your child will also). But, If you elect to park in a no-parking zone and get a ticket, you chose to get the ticket. If you rob a store and go to prison, you chose the path to prison, though you made the choice thinking that you would not get caught. If you choose to abandon your children, in this abandoment you have created a Life String and you will live in its process. You create a myriad of experiences based on your choices.

Just as you make choices, you can put forth the effort to alter the circumstances they create by making other choices. Enhance your own life simply by "pulling" (doing whatever is necessary to change the circumstances previously created) the Life String. My point is that you don't have to stay where you are! Create something better for yourself by consciously making a different choice and striving to manifest. Make overlapping choices. You don't have to wait for one event in your life to end or circumstances to change before beginning something else. Develop abilities or talents that lie dormant. Do the thing with your life that you have long desired to do.The Life String is "pulled" from within by using your personal power--that which Spirit has given every living thing to achieve the destiny of the Greater Self. Set your intentions, ground yourself and p-u-l-l-l-l-l.

You are correct if you're thinking that nothing is so easy. Well, you are aware that you have already made choices you' may have already lived with for a very long time. But, ask yourself if you have done anything lately to create a different reality for yourself.

Other Aspects of Life Strings Counseling

These services are offered at no charge.

Animal Ally Scan

My objective also is to communicate the animal message; to open sanctuaries for them in the hearts of other beings. Animals are to be revered, not dismissed as non-essential. They want to be loved and to be of service in the way that their nature makes it possible. I am honored that they have chosen me as their friend.
Each of us comes into being with an animal alliance, meaning that we are responsible in any way possible for that animals wellness here. We should at least speak in defense of that alliance if we can do nothing else. If you would like to know your animal ally, I will do a simple energy scan and identify your animal. (It is best that you make this request only once.) It is up to you to develop a wonderful relationship with your new ally.

The Gifts of Saktah

Saktah (pronounced sock-tah) is a beautiful canine-type being who is an aspect of myself. He appears as a puppy in the colors red, brown, gray or black. Saktah is a changeling (one unwanted and left behind), but now he is home with me. His message is "Love us."Saktah imparts spiritual gifts. If you would like to receive yours, just say so!

More Services

Abilities String Reading - $11.00
I will read a Life String and inform you of that specific ability.
I will give you a reading with an example of the ability (that I find) being used. This
is to help you understand it and see it in yourself. Afterward, you must investigate
your ability on your own and develop it if you are interested. This is what I did!

Bright Spots $11.00
A Bright Spot is a psychic reading with a visual and/or a message that are
synchronous with some event in your life at the moment you receive it. Request
a Bright Spot when you feel that you need something, but you don't know what!
The only information I need is your first name, but I like to get the season in which you were born--not your birthdate! Then, you select a Bright Spot by color and type:

This type of Bright Spot is a brief message only about yourself. You will receive 7 Shallowinks via e-mail or U. S. Postal Mail. By e-mail you will receive 7 e-mails with each Bright Spot identified on the subject line by color--your choices. By regular mail you will receive 7 brief messages on predetermined colors of pyramid-shaped papers in a #10 envelope. The Bright Spots are not designed to be opened all at once, but only when you feel guided to. Each is written for you only.
Set of Seven Shallowinks - $11.00
One Shallowink - $3.00

This Bright Spot is a visual with information about yourself. The brief message that is also a component, is actually a Shallowink. This one is sent by e-mail, but if you desire to receive it by regular mail, just say so!
One Depther - $11.00

One Zen Tarot Reading - $21.00
This is a detailed Here-and-now reading. It gives insight into what is happening within.

One Other/Past Lifetime Reading - $21.00
A view /healing in other lifetimes to heal issues affecting this one.

One Current Lifetime Reading - $21.00
A view/healing of a current life issue that is impacting your current life.

Reiki Services
I am a certified practitioner of the Kava Reiki System, trained and qualified in:

E-mail me:

Please type Life Strings Counseling, Bright Spots or whatever you're requesting in the subject line.

I am not online all day, but I am online daily, so your requests should always
be honored within a 24-hour period. Please contact me with questions and
comments you have related to any of the contents of this site. I'm not far way.
I'm right here--enjoying my work that has resulted from pulling a Life String!

Payments by Paypal or money order:

Payment is required before service is rendered

Na'imah Combs
68 Providence Road
Natchez, MS 39120

Na'imah (pronounced Nigh E Mah)


The Sunshine Club

General Disclaimer
Each individual should weigh and assess counseling information offered at Life Strings and apply it (or not) as he or she deems appropriate for their circumstances, accepting full responsibility for the outcome of said applications. Each person is unique, everchanging and ultimately self-responsible. I disclaim any responsibility for the outcome of the application of any counseling information offered.

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