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Welcome to L. Louie Racing

I have been driving competitively for the last 35 years ever since I obtained a license in New Zealand at the age of 15, starting with hill climbs in such cars as a modified Hillman Hunter, Lotus Europa, Torana XU-1 and finally starting my life long passion with Alfa, with a 1750 GTV. My introduction to the Alfa Romeo product was via Eddie Lowe driving his 1969 1750 Berlina, Eddie being one of the founding members of the New Zealand Alfa Romeo Owners Club and a past president.

I purchased my Alfetta GTV in 1978 and during the past years it has evolved from a road registered part time "club" car to its current state where it is no longer road registered but a DEDICATED racer WITH A LOT OF EX-WORKS equipment on board.

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