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Last up-dated September 27, 1999

Welcome to all list members and possible future members. I'm am Laheara, aka Master Depa on the list, and the list moderator.

This is the home page for my new mailing list. The rules are below, but these are links to events or other things done on the list:

As per requested by Jay, one of our members, aka Captain Panaka. We now have a Posting board for your convenience. All you post-it lovers here can play if you wish.

Visit my message board: Message Board

If you don't like the look of it let me know and I can change it. Have fun.

* * * * * * * * * *

These links aren't up yet!

  1. List's members fanfic archive
  2. mIRC chat logs
  3. Personal Bio page
  4. Character bio page

General Rules

These rules are for people thinking about joining.

  1. This list is list is based on the new Star Wars movie "The Phantom Menace". Therefore it is all Old Republic characters and places,
  2. Fanfic is allowed, we request clean stories,
  3. Pics may be sent to the list,
  4. All members my use the Shared Files and the Bookmarks on Onelist,
  5. All members fill out a personal bio and and character bio,
  6. When posting you say either:
    IC (in character if you have one) or
    OC (out of character) in you message title. But you can change back and forth in the body
  7. Characters can not kill other characters in any way (IN or OC)

Member Rules

The rules for current members of the list. Visitor are also weclome to read these rules/guidelines if they wish.

Things to know on this list:

  1. Fanfic rules (writing, and archiving)
  2. Fanfic classifications used
  3. Fanfic convenience lines to include
  4. How to create a character on our list
  5. Created character bio form
  7. Logging mIRC chats (instructions and codes)
  8. Personal Bio Form

Fanfic rules

As far as SLASH and SMUT go, I don't like. A vote was done and it was decided we didn't want it on our list. If you feel you absolutly need it, you can insinuate sex without actually putting it in a story.

As far as round robins go, I've never really done one, but they are ok if they follow the rules.

What kind of stories do we want?
The normal stuff you see on SW fanfic pages.
(everything most have a summarized plot in the opening):

Humor/parody (comedy, has lots of funnies)
Point of View (one character telling a story from their view aka: POV)
Poetry (what it sounds like, something that ryhmes and tells a story)
Song Fics (find a song that sums up the TPM story and write a story around the song. It's getting really popular) ie: "Bring Him Home"

If you you're not sure drop me a line and I'll check it out.

For convenience to our readers, please include in the opening of your stories these lines:

Author: (name & email)
Homepage: (yours, if you have one)
Rating: (ie: PG-13, R, G, etc....)
Page(s) Archived on: (ie: our RPG fic page)
Classification: (from above)
Warnings: (any spoilers, ie: Jedi Apprentice, or TPM)
Feedback: (optional, yes or no)
Disclaimer: George Lucas and Lucasfilm own Star Wars and it's characters. I make no money, this is for fun. (or play with it to be funny)

How to make a character on our list

Try to go with someone we saw (if only briefly) in the TPM movie. But if you're person is gone already, follow these rules.

Since there really weren't that many fun characters to play, especially Jedi, we need more choices.

People, who haven't choosen yet, are allowed to create their own character based on an EXISTING TPM character. You can't be a trilogy character (ie: Vader), this is still OLD REPUBLIC time period.

If you decide on this, you must send the list a character bio of the person you will be, with their complete name and a (brief) history.

You MUST tell us who in the movie you are basing your alter ego on so we know what to expect from you. You may also incorporate you're own personality into your character.

For example, part of you story bio could say: Qui-Gon's calm exterior, blue eyes, and decision making ability, with Obi-Wan's show off nature and good looks, with my quick eye and caring soul.

This is just an example, you don't have to follow it perfectly. Just that idea. We need a full bio like this:

Name: Master Elani Corbo
Gender: Human Female
Homeworld: Coruscant
Occupation: Jedi Master
Weopon: Purple lightsaber
Special traits: Diplomacy, negiotiations, cunning, observant.....
Appearance: blue eyes, long brown hair, dimple on left side, 5'11", small but powerful build
Anything else you see as important: friends with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, Master Depa's former Padawan.


We have a number of rooms available for use on the Chatnet LA server: (6667)

#SW_TPM_RPG (main, for general chat with everyone IN/OUT of character), the meet and greet zone before anyone splits off,
#Tatooine (for adventures, story line building and fanfic ideas),
#Naboo (for chats on policy building, character construction help, or just talk about whatever OUT of character)
#Coruscant (Jedi meetings, both council and regular Jedi IN character)

If you would like to join us, and don't have mIRC, feel free to ask me or the list how to download and installing mIRC.

Big request: PLEASE, PLEASE do this:

I do ask that how ever gets there first PLEASE log what happens. These logs are sent to me so they can be added to our web page CHAT archive.

Instructions on how to Log a chat session:

  1. right mouse click on the name of the room (grey color) in the STATUS bar,
  2. hit LOGGING,
  3. save it as what room you're in and the date (see below for name and date codes)
  4. Hit the LOGGING again when the last person leaves to stop it, (make sure you're the last to leave).

Name and Date codes:
(s13 = September 13)

RPG_s13 (the main room)


We also trade ICQ #s if you have one. This fun for one-on-one chats, and your number is included in your personal bio on the web page.

Personal Bio Form

We ask all members to submit a bio of information on themselves so we all know each other a little better. It's noting serious just some fun things to know.

This is the form to fill out when you submit one:

Name - character:
SW Collector?:
Fav. TPM character:
Hated TPM character:
# of times seen TPM:
Have the Brooks novel:
Have SW Special Edition:
On more then one mailing list:
Fanfic writer?:
Fav color:
Have (ICQ/mIRC,etc..??):
Tell us something about you:

You are RPGer # to come here since September 16, 1999.


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