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Welcome to my fan fiction realm. Although this site is small
now, I assure you that it will grow quite quickly. :)


I own a Xena subtext RPG (Role playing game). We've been around for over a year now,
and the woman playing Xena for us unfortunately can't be online for around a month,
maybe longer. If she wasn't the main character, we'd be okay, but since she is Xena

What we're looking for is someone who:
1. Likes the subtext of the series.
2. Knows enough about the series to properly be a character.
3. Is willing to take at least a half an hour each day to Role Play with us.

Please, if you know anyone who can help, or you yourself is interested, email me at

This person will only be needed until our original Xena has returned, and then if they
still want to RP with us they can be our emergency Xena, and/or play a different

The RP takes place after AFIN, but we have an alternative ending that I wrote
(being a Xenaverse bard), that keeps Xena alive. All characters who were dead are
revived, so there's a lot of diversity. ^_^

If you just want to look around the site, it's at:
Xena: The Subtext Journey

(Please note that while it's not eye appealing right now.. it's getting there. The
co-owner of the RP Skip Spicer is working on a new layout for us.)

Thank you soo much for your time, everyone! And now, onto the fanfiction!


6/5/03:~ Wow, it's been a looong time! I've actually had this update written
for a long while, but now I've finally found the time and ambition to add it here!
I've added a new mini-Xena fic called The Missing Piece wich is an
alternate ending to A Friend In Need (the final Xena episode). Hope you like it!

3/31/03:~Put up two more new fics within the last few days on my Tenchi
page called A Magical Valentines Day and Dear Kiyone. Check 'em

3/21/03:~Put up a new ficcie called Xena's Pain. Check it out!
~Added a two new fics to my Tenchi Muyo Page: The Lonely Moon Series,
and Memories of a Long Time Ago. Check 'em out!

3/4/03:~Wow, haven't updated for a long time! Trust me, I've been working
though! I've got two or three fics in the works, and I come baring updates!
~Put up new section called songs.
~Put up song called Jane
~Put up song called Avril the Corperate Whore
~Put up song called Face in the Crowd

1-10-03:~Put up eight new poems: Blissful Blackness, Heaven on Earth,
Goddess Gift, Raven, Longing, Dripping Blood, Comeuppance, and Different. Enjoy!

11/12/02:~Put up a new page, called 'Soul Mate Tribute'.
You can find it under 'Other Stuff'. :) Enjoy!!

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