How to Be on the "Keenest of the Keen" List:

You can submit your solution by sending an with the list of all doors(D) you did not open, the sequence of green doors you did open, and the sequence of yellow keys(K) you obtained. For example:

  • Doors never opened: BD2, BD3, GD2, RD2, YD4.
  • Green doors opened in this order: GD3, GD1, GD4, GD5.
  • Yellow keys obtained in this order: YK4, YK6, YK3, YK1, YK5, YK2

(Blue=B, Green=G, Red=R, Yellow=Y)

Obviously that example doesn't work, but if your solution is correct I'll add your name to the top of the list, along with your choice of the Keen icons and a link to your homepage if you have one. The doors and keys are labeled on the map with numbers. Here are some puzzle hints to help. Good luck, and hope you enjoy the challenge! :-)

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