Commander Keen's...

patpat Keen says: This is cool!

Dungeon of Mystery!


The Vorticons have captured Keen and locked him away in a dungeon! Keen needs your help to escape and get home before bed time...

"Commander Keen?"


Play the Game!

.CK1 Files

"Keenest of the Keen"

Puzzle Solvers in Reverse Chronological Order:

pat pat


Stuffed Toy Vortininja


poison slug

 Jonathan Duffer


 Xky Rauh

baby vorticon




fish out of water

 ? xtraverse ?


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Background music: "The Rule of a Yorp's Supper" theme song, by Chris Hendricks.


"Extreme Keen" Mini-Levelpack:

These are relatively small action levels. Despite their difficulty, all of them are possible to finish if you have the skills... Download .CK1 files.

Level 1: Get a bunch of extra lives and ammo. And if you feel like it, you can grab the spaceship parts and beat the game. Skip the parts if you want to play the real levels.

Level 2: A descending level. Each landing brings a new surprise...

Level 3: Pyramid of flashing lights. Guaranteed to annoy and frustrate. :-)

Level 4: "Keen goes postal!" You get to shoot lots of monsters. Simple left-to-right level.

Level 5: A very short ice level. The pogo stick helps.

Level 6: An ascending level.

Level 7: "Keen gets paranoid!" Monsters and robots from every direction.

Level 8: Ice level with shooting robots.

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