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I will be known as Kelpie. This is my first site, and I've been at this particular site for about 3 years. School interferes with time, so I don't have the opportunity to update much, but I do my best. This site will have pictures of my favorite things: Unicorns, Dragons, Pegasus and other magical creatures.

Probably about 75% of these pictures are .art, and I know some computers don't like that, terribly sorry if you can't view them as .art, but I don't think it happens very often.
If you happen to hit a broken image, if you hit refresh that should fix it, and if it doesn't, I've screwed up writing it in, and hopefully I'll find out and fix it. =0)~
There are 4 different genres of pictures, and within each one are more galleries, so do not despair that there are only 4 pages worth of pictures. There are many, oh so many.

Isn't it purdy? It's my fav. Hope you enjoy. =0)~


i'm a dork.

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