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Last we left our heroine Miss Kimmie, she was running from some creepy, ooky, stalker type who was “looking forward to spending some quality time” with her…let’s see if she is over the nausea that phrase brought on…

Ugh, I swear my brother had a field day with that last one!  And I will admit, in hindsight, there was a valuable lesson to be learned: men who use the phrase “quality time” are to be avoided.  Seriously, my ex-boyfriend Geoffrey used that guilt inducing phrase every chance he got…I guess I am just not the clingy type, but I don’t need to see someone every day (give me time to miss you!) and I don’t care if the time we do spend together is “quality” or “quantity” – I have always said that it is not what you do that makes something fun; it’s who you do it with…except for yard work.  That could never be fun.  Even when I was 16 and had a crush on the local landscaper who looked like Mark Walberg in The Perfect Storm, only cleaner, I still did not enjoy yard work.   But I digress…

So!  The fact that this blog has not been updated means that Ronnie and I never got back together; and at this point, I am kinda…glad isn’t the word….maybe relieved?  I feel like a traitor for saying that, because he IS going through a difficult time; but a good deal of the difficulties he brought on himself, by refusing to reach out to those that could help him.  Anyhow, his life is in the #%$-heap right now, so I guess he really meant what he said when he texted me to end our engagement (yes, you read that right: he texted me…while I was at work).  He said he couldn’t see himself being in a place to get married, not for better than 5 years and although he still loved me, it wasn’t fair to me to make me wait.  So…has this organic diet I am on killed my taste buds, so I can no longer recognize the taste of bullsh— when it is being fed to me?  Or was he being truthful?  I’d never known him to lie to me in the past, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt; accept the fact that my heart has healed enough to move forward, and do just that…

Now my only problem is the fact that I look about 23, even though I will be 34 in a few months…I attract young guns looking for an “older woman” and old men looking for barely legal women…and the occasional Eastern European, looking for an American wife so he can move out of the war zone…but that is another story, for another blog!

Will Miss Kimmie ever find her true love?  Or is she destined to give up, and marry a teenager from Kosovo? [Editor’s Note: It is the Albanians that IM me!]  Stay tuned for more exciting episodes of As the Tummy Turns!
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