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Who Is Rob?
For those of you curious enough to click this link, you will be rewarded with a short bio of Rob the II, the World's Coolest Engineer!

Rob the II is one of my former co-workers.  We worked in a place no one but it's employees have heard of (and even then, we don't always know what to call it!).  Rob is a great co-worker because he makes me laugh, keeps ESPN radio on loud enough for me to hear across the office, and sympathizes with me when the boss tells me to "ask Rob's opinion" on anything sports related (we do a lot of sports-related merchandising).  I, in turn, handle all of Rob's MasterCAM Design overflow, aka the ^@#%* he doesn't like to do...

A Sports Guru, Rob the II is the World's Biggest Boston Red Sox fan and knows more about football than any person I have ever met - including John Madden's former next door neighbor!  He's also an awesome Dad, coaching youth leagues for his children, and an awesome drafting teacher!  Thus the reason he has earned the title "World's Coolest Engineer!"
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