So, what more is there to know about me?
Aside from the fact that Kitty is a college nickname (thus, the Hello, Kitty! theme...) I like sports, especially football and hockey; I am active in politics, my community, and my church; I like to eat frosting without cake; burgers without buns; and my drinks with a straw...with the exception of hot coffee (which I drink black).

I like hanging out with my friends; watching scary movies; and laughing so hard my stomach hurts...I love fireplaces on cold nights and swimming pools on hot ones. 

I believe in angels. 

I love flowers and floral scented perfumes...but not clothes with floral prints, and especially not on men. This includes loud Hawaiian prints; unless you are a grandfather...or Hawaiian. 

I adore anything plaid, especially skirts; unless a man is wearing it; with the exception, of course, if he is from Scotland, and it is actually a kilt. 

I believe there should be exceptions to most rules and rules to most exceptions. 

I believe I will have another drink. 

My favorite movie of all time is Boxing Helena, no matter what people say about it. 

I secretly chug milk from the carton; I not so secretly chug soda the same way!  I have a sarcastic wit, and say what others later wish they said.   Want to know more?  E-mail me!  Just click on Kitty!
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