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Name: Kimberly-Jean "Kimmie" Manchester
Hometown: Rhode Island
Career Field: Forensic Anthropology
Education: CCRI - Class of 2010
BA Rhode Island College - Communications '97
AIM Name: MissMarilyn73
E-Mail: kjmanchester@yahoo.com

My Cool List
What Grabs My Attention (This Week):

It's been so damn long since I have been here, I almost forgot how to edit this page!  I have so moved on to
MySpace and Facebook - check me out there!  I even have pictures of my face posted!

x's and o's,
A Glimpse into My Life
I Like: Scary movies, sarcasm, reading, music, cooking, crafts, sports, animals, close friends, politics, men with cute smiles, TGI Friday's and Twin Oaks, Cartoon Network, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, the ocean, family, extreme sensuality, and laughing so hard my stomach hurts...
I Dislike: Rude people, extremist viewpoints, spiders, liars, pants that sag halfway down one's body, and Brussel sprouts...but not necessarily in that order...
What People Like Best About Me: My personality, adventurous spirit, and paradoxal nature. Also, my strong resemblance to Marilyn Monroe
My Favorite Comic
What I Like Best In Others: When I can sit there and do absolutely nothing, but still have fun with them...that's when I know I have found a true friend, a twin soul
Favorite Thing I Have Recently Said: "I would watch a movie of a toilet flushing if it were filmed in 3D.
Favorite Quote: "Why do I have to be 'Mr. Pink'?".
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For those of you who keep asking for my picture...
Here....I'm told my eyes are my best feature.
Now playing: "God Bless the U.S.A." (Lee Greenwood)
Why: If you have to ask, it's time to extract your head  from your butt!!
Red Sox Nation - CLICK HERE!!!
Cool Proverb I'd Like to Share
(Courtesey of Brenda P.)
"The mud doesn't get glovey;
the glove gets muddy"
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