Kimmie's Cool List
If It's On This List, It's Cool In My Book...
Long hair on long as it is coming out of their scalp, and not their ears.

Running through a summer rain
                                                 Laughing over absolutely nothing
                Watching really bad movies (like MST3K fare) with my brother
                                and making our own running commentary on them...
Inside jokes with old friends...

Walking after midnight, on a warm summer night

itunes compilation discs
Boxer shorts for women

     "I'm too drunk to drive home" motel stays with friends...
                       who are just as drunk...
The world's coolest Engineer, "Rob the II"
Being self-confident without being egotistical
Dogs who think they are cats...and cats that think they are dogs
Strawberry  flavoured Twizzlers
Green Gummi Bears
and the white stuff inside Goetz caramels
Children who aren't afraid to act their age
and adults who aren't afraid to join them.
The beach in winter
White on black writing
Men who hold doors for a lady...
             especially long after the first date
The fact that no word in the English language rhymes with orange
or purple
or turquoise
Team Trivial Pursuit
My old chemistry/physics teacher, Mr. Weller
Snow-tubing, followed by hot chocolate and a jacuzzi soak...
Yankee candles
            Little House on the Praire
                    The Dukes of Hazard
    Colon Blow and Super Colon Blow
black Sharpie markers
Notes passed (and saved) from high school homeroom
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ghost stories
coffee milk
corn dogs at the State Fair
Reading aloud, especially "children's books" that adults can enjoy, like Treasure Island, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Le Petit PrinceThe Velveteen Rabbit, and Harry Potter.
People who had read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings (repeatedly) before they were movies*.
*with the exception of that animae crap they did with The Hobbit and The Return of the King, back in the '70's.
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