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I am a study in paradox; an enigma wrapped in a puzzle box.  Just when you think you know me, I will surprise you by revealing to you an unseen and incongruous part of my personality!  Not all is revealed to everyone...just like the butterfly tattoos that dance all over my skin!  Do you dare to explore further?  Then read on...
I enjoy swimming in the ocean, and the study of oceanography...I like hiking mountains, and mining their gemstones, as well as wearing them!  I love astronomy, and astrology...I love music - playing it, singing it, listening to it - it is in my DNA...I love getting drenched in the rain on a warm summer night, and being warmed by a fire on a cold winter one...gosh that last part sounds so cliché!  Okay, here's something original: I am a devoted Catholic, a Master Tarot Reader, and a gifted psychic...
I can identify what beer you are drinking by taste - especially if it is a brand I don't like (Bud, Heineken, and God help you if you are drinking it, Pabst Blue Ribbon!)...I love sports, especially football and hockey.  I like to eat frosting without cake; burgers without buns; and my drinks with a straw...with the exception of hot coffee (which I drink black).  I like hanging out with my friends; watching scary movies; and laughing so hard my stomach hurts...but then who doesn't?
I love flowers and floral scented perfumes...but not clothes with floral prints, and especially not on men.  This includes loud Hawaiian prints; unless, of course, you are Hawaiian...or a grandfather.  (As I age, I am starting to mellow out on this one…).
I adore anything plaid, especially skirts; unless a man is wearing it; with the exception, of course, if he is from Scotland, and it is actually a kilt.
I think that there should be exceptions to every rule, and rules to every exception.  I have a sarcastic wit, and generally say what is on my mind.  Like Austin Powers, I sometimes lose my "inner monologue"!  I don't have Asperger’s; I am just [insert adjective here].
I believe in Angels and Demons, and have encountered both; that Good will always triumph over Evil; that you will curse the day you did not do all that the Phantom asked of you; and that I will have that second Martini at Twin Oaks, because I can count on my friends to drive me home.
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