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Lord of the Rings

Het Fic

Lost [R]

Erin Smith (OFC), Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, Gandalf, Eomer, Haldir, Orophin, Rumil, and pretty much everybody else you can think of!   Erin Smith goes camping in the wilderness of the Olympic National park, and wakes up on the plains of Rohan, meeting Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas as they track the Uruk-Hai. Is she there for a reason, or did the Valar play a cruel prank?
Best All Character Story in 2003 MPA's      8/23/03 - 10/1/03 Revised 2/16/05


Found [R]

Erin Smith (OFC), Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, Gandalf, Eomer, Eowyn, Haldir, Orophin, Rumil, and pretty much everybody else in the books. Major spoilers for ROTK.  Sequel to "Lost". Erin Smith has made her choice. Can she live with it?  10/3/03 - 3/11/04


I'm Dreaming, Right?  [NC17]

Erin/Legolas.  This is just a plot bunny that nibbled my toes while I was working on Found. It's a supplementary, so to speak, though not part of the main story. While on the march to Gondor with the Rohirrim, Erin has a rather unexpected and pleasant dream.


Lost Original Version [NC17]

Erin Smith goes camping in the wilderness of the Olympic National park, and wakes up on the plains of Rohan, meeting Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas as they track the Uruk-Hai. Is she there for a reason, or did the Valar play a cruel prank? This is the original, rather naughty version.


Found Original Version [NC17]

Sequel to the Original Version of Lost. Erin Smith has made her choice, but can she live with it?  Contains both het and slash, so readers be warned.


Escape [NC17]

Haldir/OFC.  A battered housewife finds her hero in Haldir.


Slash Fic (male/male)

The Gift [NC17]

Legolas/Haldir.  The fellowship arrives at Lothlorien. Legolas grieves for Gandalf, and finds solace in the arms of Haldir. Nominated for Best Romance in 2003 MPA's. 8/1/2003


You Will See Him  [NC17]

Legolas/Haldir.  Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas and the Eorlingas at Helm's Deep, the great battle there, and its aftermath. Haldir and the Elves arrive to honor the old alliance between Men and Elves. What if Haldir had someone to watch his back? This is the sequel to "The Gift". 8/23/03


Yielding [NC17]

Legolas/Haldir/Orophin/Rumil.  Orophin and Rumil steal Legolas as a treat for Haldir - but is the Prince of Mirkwood as unwilling as he seems? 8/11/03


King's Bounty [NC17]

Legolas/Haldir/Orophin/Rumil, Thranduil/Orophin/Rumil/Haldir, Thranduil/Celeborn.

Set as a sequel to "Yielding". The brothers of Lorien travel to Eryn Lasgalen as emissaries, and the Sindar King decides to see for himself what his son's fascination with them is.  Written with Larien Elengasse. 9/10/03


Green [NC17]

Erestor/Thranduil, Glorfindel.  Erestor sees Thranduil. Thranduil sees Erestor. 10/5/03.  Semi-Finalist Best Romance/Erotica Slash 2004 Mithril Awards


Without You  [PG13]

Haldir.  Written in response to the challenge on the Elf Lust mailing list. Haldir at Helm's Deep. Inspired by "Still My Bleeding Heart", lyrics by Steve Vai. Warning: Angst, character death. 10/12/03


Promises, Promises [R]

Celeborn/Thranduil.  A short ficlet - mostly a scene that wouldn't go away - bbetween Thranduil and Celeborn. Thranduil may just get more than he bargains for. 11/30/03


Heart Strings [NC17]

Legolas/Lindir.  Written for the Lord of the Rings FPS Secret Santa, for Vivian. Legolas meets Lindir during his visit to Imladris and finds himself inexplicably drawn to the minstrel. 12/24/03


Proposition [PG13]

Erestor/Thranduil.  Thranduil in the library with Erestor. A scene that wouldn't go away. 1/31/04


Erestor's Nightmare  [NC17] AU

Erestor, Celebrian, Thranduil, Glorfindel, Haldir, Legolas.  Humor fic in pretty questionable taste. Something that we probably should never have written, but it was too much fun to leave alone. Written with Larien Elengasse. 1/10/04


Sometimes [R]

Boromir/Legolas.  Boromir thinks back on his time in Lothlorien.  5/12/04


A Friendly Game of Cards  [NC17]

Written with Cinnamongrrl, Alexcat, and Orchyd

Legolas/Rumil (Legolas/Haldir and Legolas/Orophin implied).

The Fellowship takes a rest in the safety of Lothlorien, and Legolas gets involved in a game of cards with Haldir, Rumil, and Orophin. 


Special Delivery [NC17] Glorfindel/Haldir

Someone has left the Seneschal of Imladris a wee present.

Written with Larien Elengasse. 8/13/03


Sweet Revenge [NC17] Glorfindel/Haldir, Elladan/Rumil/Elrohir/Orophin

Glorfindel and Haldir exact their revenge on Rumil and Orophin.

Written with Larien Elengasse. 8/23/03


Peace Offerings [NC17] Glorfindel/Haldir, Elladan/Elrohir, Orophin/Rumil, Galen/Melaphril (OMCs).  Orophin and Rumil plot revenge against Elladan and Elrohir; it backfires when their fellow wardens, Galen and Melaphril demand a price to pay for their silence over a certain embarrassing incident. Elladan and Elrohir decide to help, and Galen and Melaphril make a startling discovery about each other. Haldir and Glorfindel finally admit their feelings for one another, but are they too alike for their relationship to truly work?  Written with Larien Elengasse. 10/14/03 Revised 5/23/04


In Silence [NC17]  Galen/Melaphril

Written as a companion piece to "Peace Offerings". Galen decides to test his lover in a most interesting way. 10/4/03. Revised 12/23/03.


Bound [NC17] Elladan/Elrohir

Written by Larien Elengasse. 10/7/03

A companion piece to "Peace Offerings." Elladan remembers the first time with Elrohir.  I had no hand in this, but I loved this piece so much I had to host it here.


Good Relations [NC17]  Haldir/Glorfindel, Elladan/Elrohir, Elladan/Thranduil, Elrohir/Legolas, Erestor/Galathil (OMC)

The sequel to "Peace Offerings", Glorfindel and Haldir escort the twins to Mirkwood at Galadriel's request in the hopes that a union can be made between Thranduil's sons and the twins. Written with Larien Elengasse. 1/4/04 - 2/29/04 Revised 5/24/04


Lessons [NC17] Erestor/Galathil (OMC)

A companion piece to "Good Relations". A quiet evening between Erestor and Galathil. Lessons continue as Erestor learns what makes his lover burn. 3/3/04


More Lessons [NC17] Erestor/Galathil, Lindir/Galathil

Sequel to Lessons. Galathil's observations are noted by Erestor with results neither of them intended. 5/26/04.  Nominated for the 2004 MPA's


Star Trek Voyager

Het Fic

I Grieve  [PG13] Kim/Seven

Seven of Nine has been greatly affected by the loss of the drone, One, and Ensign Harry Kim is there to offer comfort. Spoilers for the episode Drone


Possession  [R]

Kim/Seven, Paris/Torres

Seven of Nine and Lieutenant Tom Paris crash land their shuttle on a less than hospitable planet. Can they resist the elements and each other? Will the green-eyed monster get the better of Harry? Sequel to I Grieve.


Forgotten  [NC17]


Seven of Nine has lost her memory and doesn't remember her relationship with Harry - or does she? Will Harry's attempts at rebuilding their relationship be successful? Or has Seven lost her memory of Harry's love for good?


When Harry Met Seven  [PG13]

Kim/Seven, Paris/Torres, Janeway/Chakotay

They met. She conked him on the head and escaped the ship. He tried to be friendly, and she dismissed his chatter as irrelevant. He tried to flirt a little, and she asked him if he wanted to copulate. Who would have thought these two would EVER end up together?? A sweet and fluffy tale about the happiest day in Harry and Seven's life.


Fully Functional  [NC17]


Voyager is finally home and Dr. Kate Pulaski has been given a rather daunting task: she must determine if Voyager's EMH is truly sentient, or merely a clever piece of programming. Written for the Doctor Fuhq-Fest.


Satisfaction  [PG13]


Tuvok and B'Elanna in a post pon'farr discussion.


'Till There Was You  [PG13]


Infected with a lethal virus, Captain Kathryn Janeway and Commander Chakotay have been left behind on New Earth After months alone together, will Kathryn still cling to her Starfleet protocols, or will she finally admit to something she's been feeling all along? Spoilers for the episode Resolutions.


The Highwayman [G]


Janeway goes to the holodeck to run her new favorite program based on the epic poem by Alfred Noyes. What is it about the Highwayman that has her heart all a-flutter?


Mistletoe  [PG13]

Kim/Seven, Paris/Torres, Janeway/Chakotay

Neelix and Chakotay plan a holiday fete around the Christmas season, with lots of good food, cheer, and, oh yes, mistletoe! Romance runs rampant and kissing ensues!


Fever  [R]

Vorik/Nicolletti, Paris/Torres

My own retelling of the episode: Blood Fever. I never did like the way it ended for poor Vorik. What if someone had noticed Vorik's behavior and waylaid him on his way to beam down to the planet? And what would happen to Tom and B'Elanna?


Slash Fic

No Boundary  [NC17]


A strange artifact found on a routine away mission sends Commander Chakotay back to Deep Space Nine. Can he find a way back to Voyager, or will he be sidetracked along the way? Written as Sihalya.


Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter

Harvest Moon [NC17]

Hip deep and sinking in were politics, I thought I had enough on my plate - what with raising the dead, feeding the ardeur, and trying to keep the men in my life happy. Now I was helping a new wereleopard find her missing sister, and dealing with the news that Damian's old mistress, Morvoren, was planning on paying a visit to St. Louis. Oh...and trying to catch a killer.  Udated 8/15/2006

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Anniversary [R]

Anita gives Jean-Claude and Asher a gift for their anniversary. A drabble for Alexcat.


Confession Time [PG13]

Jason has a confession to make. (Inferred M/M) Drabble written for Alexcat on Livejournal



Slash Fic

Black Hawk Down/Queer as Folk

Babylon [NC17] Todd Blackburn/Brian Kinney, Justin

Todd Blackburn goes to Pittsburgh for vacation and decides to check out the scene at Babylon, a well-known gay dance club on Liberty Street, where he meets Justin and Brian. First Place April Characters in Bloom Challenge


Het Fic

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Pirates of the Caribbean

Wishful [PG]

Buffy, Jack Sparrow, Anya, Dawn, Willow, Tara

Written for CinnamonGrrl's drabble challenge: Write a Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Pirates of the Caribbean crossover fic. The first two lines were given. Must have Jack Sparrow saying "Give us a kiss, then." Must have some wistful mentioning of rum and its lack thereof. The grand prize: a Legolas Bobblehead. How could I not try for that?



Slash Fic

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Tea Interrupted [PG]

Giles has an unexpected visitor. Drabble written for Elementalv.


The Matrix

Mutual Understanding [R]

What is it about Agent Smith? Drabble written for Ladyhawkshadow.








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