Here are some hard to find modifications and some that are not so hard, I just like to keep them all together!

10 KC Inverter Switch for the PLL02A (Thanks to Jim [slprydk] for this mod)

10 KC Inverter Switch for the MB8719 (Thanks to Jim [slprydk] for this mod)

Galaxy FC347 & Texas Ranger FC390 Frequency Counter Modification Jump
Point for use on the Cobra 148 GTL, 142 GTL, 140 GTL, Uniden Madison,
Grant XL, Washington and many more that use the MB8719 PLL. This is
the newer release counter with the board number EPT210014D (Modification courtesy of West Coast Radio).

Cobra 2000 GTL Frequency Counter Fix. This is for the counters
that read 92.0000 Mhz (Thanks go to Randy [gumpit1] for this).

Channel Guard Schematic for the 10.695 Mhz IF

Fine/Coarse Dual Clarifier (Voice Lock) for the 148 GTL and 2000 GTL

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Uniden & President - The Transitional Period of the Washington, Madison and the Grant

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