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The original that started it all

Welcome to the website of a fast growing group and a very popular
modification for the MB8719 PLL SSB Chassis. This is the Weakstation
channel modification for the MB8719 chassis. This modification contains
No trace cuts , No extra holes , No extra switches , No maps , No band
switch , No 10KC switch and will have your radio covering 26.175 to 28.085 Mhz.

The sole purpose of this modification is to keep the radio looking entirely
stock. Since there is no extra switches or holes drilled, this is a
definate positive. What really sets this modification above the rest,
is the 3 digit channel display. While on the normal 40 channels, noone
would even know the radio has 192 channels. Go below or above the normal
40, you will have a third digit activate showing the proper position.
Even the Alpha Channels show the corresponding "A" next to them. Its even
better, because the frequencies are in order and start from 26.175 and in
10kc steps work all the way through to 28.085 with no skips or the need to
flip a 10kc switch. There is even info on how to make the TX/RX LED a
pushbutton so you can use it to select bands. All of this using the radios
stock channel selector, no need to buy a special type of selector. There
is also information on programming your own Eproms and you can set them up
to use some of the positions as favorite channels and still have entire
coverage with no ill effects.

If this mod is making you skeptical, we even have a version called
"The Poormans 192 Channel Modification". The poormans mod covers
all the same frequencies, but uses 3-3 Position Mini Toggle Switches.
A single trace cut is required for this modification though. But if
you cant afford the all the extras for the full blown mod, this may be
the one for you.

Radios this will work in are as follows:

The New Beta Boards

The way it was started

Randy's 2000 GTL with The Mod installed on Channel 79 below 1

Randy's 2000 GTL with The Mod installed on Channel 108

Randy's 2000 GTL with The Mod installed on Channel 3A

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Randy's Custom Base Station with The Mod

A Custom 148 GTL from West Coast Radio with The Poormans Mod

Info on the 99 Channel Kit for the MB8719

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