Ok, to you this might not be a fucked up night to live, but it really sucked to me... Maybe not the worst night of my life, we did make the best of it, but it was ONE if the worst nights of my life... Anyway, I hope you laugh at my misery and enjoy everything I went through on this ONE night... Enjoy...

On March 7, 2000 (Fat Tuesday in Mardi Gras terms), me and a few friends decided to go to New Orleans for the big bash of Mardi Gras 2000. And Fat Tuesday is the last and final day of Mardi Gras before Ash Wednesday, in which all the partying stops.

First off, I knew it was going to be a bad day to begin with. Why I went, I don't know. Anyway. My friend Ryan calls into work saying he has car trouble and can't make it, so that he can take us (Me, Angel, Faithe, & Jeanine) to New Orleans to party. And for this he gets fired from his job. When his dad found out he got kicked out of his house. So, the day started off pretty shitty.

We get out on the road to New Orleans from I-10. We were doing quite well. About halfway there, we get off on an exit to Gramercy to take a pit stop. After we were done there, we decided to get going again. But, alas, we get lost. We made a wrong turn and ended up going to opposite direction from the interstate. Finally I get them to turn around and go back the way we came, then we find our way back to the interstate. We were back on the road to New Orleans. Oh Happy Day!

Mind you I've been to New Orleans so many times that I know it like the back of my hand, but this night I wasn't paying attention to the exits and we missed our turn. Faithe rolled down her window all the way and accidently rested her arm on it and it fell into the door. So, it was stuck. Which sucked much ass, because we were getting cold.

Finally we decide we went to far, because we crossed a bridge heading in the direction of Slidell. We take an exit and stop at a Shell station to ask for directions to the French Quarter and for everyone to use the bathroom. Me and Angel fixed the window. Then me and Jeanine were talking to this guy, who seemed ok (but looks can be deceiving, which we soon find out), he told us how to get to the Quarter and we gave him $40 to get us a carton of cigarettes; since our driver wasn't 18, Faithe was under 18, and the rest of us didn't have our ID's. He walks into the store and his buddies start the car and begin to drive off, he hauls ass out of the store and jumps into the car taking our $40 with him. So, we got jacked 40-fucking-dollars.

We were pissed off to the point where we just decided to head back into Baton Rouge. So, we were on the road again (Yippee!). I rolled down my window (in which I was in the back seat) and tried to roll it up again and it wouldn't go back up. So, Jeanine and Faithe had to fix it while we were driving down the Interstate.

We made another pit stop for gas, and when we pulled up some guy got in his car and he still had the gas pump in the tank. We were thinking he was going to get the money to pay the lady for the gas, but instead he started the car and took off with the pump and hose and everything. He didn't even stop, just kept going.

Anywayze, Ryan got tired and Faithe got behind the wheel. We were jammin' to techno when the car started making a funny noise. (btw, we had our glow sticks lit and we were dancing to Lords of Acid in the car). We pulled over onto the shoulder and stopped the car. We popped the hood and it was pouring steam. The fucking engine overheated. So, Me, Angel, Faithe, and Jeanine were on the side of the road trying to flag someone down with our glow sticks. Finally, some really nice guy stopped and helped us a lot.

When the car finally cooled down enough to drive slowly on the shoulder to the next exit, we got in the car and did so. And that really nice guy followed us the whole way, so that we wouldn't get stranded even more than we already were.

We get off at the Highland exit and stop at the gas stating right off of it. We called a friend of ours, James, and he got his dad to come get us. So, we had a good hour and a half wait. The really nice guy finally left when he knew we were alright and had a ride. Me, Angel, and Jeanine chilled at the Sonic next to the gas station and ate some food. Finally James's dad, Mr. Brent, got there.

So, we were on our way again. We were to follow Ryan until we got to James's. But on the Interstate the motor locked up and it died completely, there was no saving it now. So, we locked his car up and crammed into Mr. Brent's car. We then made our way to where I am now, which is James's.

So, that was my very fucked up night. A night I'll never forget. Anywayze, go check out the rest of my page and stop wasting your time on this! :P


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