Birth name:                            Daniel John-Jules

                                    5' 10" (1.78 m)

Date of Birth:
                       16th September 1960.

Place of Birth:                       London

Other works include:

Danny is perhaps best know for his role of The Cat (and not forgetting his geeky alter ego Duane Dibley) in Red Dwarf, and has taken part in other tv shows such as Maid Marian and Her Merry Men, and The Story Makers (where he played Milton Wordsworth).  Danny's career has also spanned through film, his first being the 1980s fantasy, Labyrinth, thw 1986 version of Little Shop of Horrors, Lock Stock and Two Smokng Barrels and more recently Blade II.

-Made the song 'Tongue Tied' from Red Dwarf into a music video where it was released into the charts in 1995 and got into the top 20!

-Toured America as a dancer with Uk pop group 'Wham'.

-Sang backup vocals on the David Bowie song 'Chily Down' from the 'Labyrinth' soundtrack.

-Danny's nephew Alexander John Jules played 'Lister' as a baby in Ouroboros. (episode 3 in series 7) of 'Red Dwarf'. Alexander is credited in that episode as being Dave Lister.

- Also appeared in 'Cats', 'Starlight Express', and 'Soul Train'.
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