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Judas Priest - Rising in the East

Judas Priest - Rising in the East
Judas Priest

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After more than 12 years apart Judas Priest and original lead vocalist Rob Halford reunited for a global live concert tour in 2004. They were a main attraction on the sell-out Ozzfest tour playing to enormous and enthusiastic audiences nationwide. Rising In the East was filmed in May 2005 at Tokyo's famous Budokan. The DVD captures the band at their metal best, performing all of the classics-"Electric Eye," "Breaking the Law," "Living After Midnight," "You've Got Another Thing Coming," and much more. Track Listings: Hellion, Electric Eye, Metal Gods, Riding on the Wind, Ripper, Touch of Evil, Judas Rising, Revolution, Hot Rockin', Breaking the Law, I'm A Rocker, Diamonds and Rust, Worth Fighting For, Deal with the Devil, Beyond the Realms of Death, Turbo Lover, Hellrider, Victim of Changes, Exciter, Painkiller, Hell Bent For Leather, Living After Midnight, You've Got Another Thing Coming

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  • Brand: WEA DES Moines Video
  • Released on: 2005-11-15
  • Rating: NR (Not Rated)
  • Aspect ratio: 1.33:1
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  • Formats: Color, Dolby, DVD, NTSC
  • Original language: English
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Customer Reviews

Made of Metal5
The boys were up for the taping of this performance. Rob Halford is on; KK Downing's and Glenn Tipton's guitar playing is tight as the studio versions of the songs. Ian Hill rocks and Scott Travis' drumming is up front and quite impressive.

The difference between the live performance in this release versus the 1986 performance included with the 2003 Electric Eye music video collection DVD is that before the boys took the stage for this performance at the Budokan in Tokyo, Japan, they must have agreed to try to be as true to the studio versions as Rob's voice would allow (give him a break; remember he's been taxing his vocal chords and hitting the high notes in Victim of Changes for like thirty years!).

The sound quality is great. If you've got surround sound you're in for a pounding Heavy Metal treat. The picture is great. And the footage doesn't jump around all the time; the camera gives you more than the typical music video four seconds before jumping to another angle, so you can really feel like you're watching the show live.

Any Priest fan should not pass on this DVD. I'm telling you, the chills were non-stop for me; I couldn't believe they included The Ripper and Exciter. And you get (just about) every other rocker that you really want to see. In other words, Rising in the East is a compilation of terrific live performances of the following:


There are no special features here, and that was somewhat disappointing. But believe me this front row seat to a performance by the Metal Gods is well worth it by itself. Buy it.

DVD as good as it was live5
I was actually at this show. I flew to Japan and saw this show and the Osaka show.

This is actually the 2nd show at Budokan. The band played the night before, and the sales were so strong, that they added a second date. This 2nd was how also nearly sold-out...only a few seats in the upper corners were available.

Knowing the band, and being there...I can fill in a few details. First of all, this was a last minute thing. The DVD shoot was thrown together very quickly. There was even some doubt in Osaka that it could be done. The Japanese pulled it off.

The show in Osaka was awesome. Huge arena and completely sold-out. Worth Fighting For was put in the set for the very first time. Rob's voice that night was very good, considering the previous shows in Japan.

Two days later, was the first Budokan show. I was supposed to go, but amazingly...couldn't find the arena nor could I explain to any taxi driver where I wanted to go. So I missed it. Apparently, the Japanese do not pronounce it BOO DOH CON, but pronounce it BEE OOH DOO CON. Pronounciation, is apparently critical in Japanese, or so I've learned.

The next night, (back to back nights) Priest played this show recorded on the DVD. First of all...I've seen Rob on this tour about 6 or 7 times. People are critical of his voice that it's not like it was 30 years ago. Come on! He's been signing straight through for over 30 years and certainly still has better pipes at 50+ than many of his peers (hello Robert Plant). That said, Rob does not hit all the high notes he hit back in the 70's and 80's, but I think his voice is more interesting. He uses more textures in varying pitches to sing the songs and then hits the critical high notes when needed. When needed...he does it better than MANY of the newer metal singers.

On this particular night, I was floored. From the previous reviews, you are correct..the first 3 songs, Rob clearly wasn't warmed up. But sitting in the crowd, I could easily tell by track 4 or 5...that he was not only warmed up, he was going to KILL the crowd. I was amazed that after back to back shows, he was better this night, than he was 3 or 4 days ago in Osaka. The difference was obvious. After the show, I asked him...did he let it out tonight, knowing it was the last day of the tour for 6 weeks? He said, that he could feel his voice kick in after getting warm. When he realized he was going to be "on", he knew he could push it, given the break coming up. It shows.

So anyone watching the DVD...listen carefully to his voice from song 2 or about song 6 or 7. Notice the changes as the show goes on. You're watching a singer get confident.

The crowd responded as well. The normal crowd in Japan is very well mannered. In Osaka, I was not prepared for them to cheer enthusiastically at the end of each song, only to dip into COMPLETE silence between songs. To hear NOTHING with 18,000 people is quite strange. But the Budokan crowd was, while well mannered, definitely more rowdy...downright Riot, by Japan standards. With many dressed in business suits from work (show started at 7PM Promptly, no opening acts) with their metal studs, they definitely responded and by the encores...they were cheering wildly.

It was a concert I will remember for ever, in a venue deep with tradition and great acoustics.

Buy the DVD...and just enjoy great metal music, done well and don't bother comparing them to their 20's....nobody is the same in their 50's as they were in their 20's. But these guys are close.

4.5 stars - These guys still got it... trust me4
Rising In The East(2005). Priest's third live DVD performance.

Sometime around August 2003, all Judas Priest fans around the world were in for a HUGE and pleasant surprise: Rob Halford had rejoined Priest and was in the process of creating a new album and promoting a massive world tour to reaquaint himself with the band. This was especially apparent when looking at their website and noticing that the band's old logo had returned, so things had to be right. It worked and the band was back in business, thriving once again in huge arenas around the world, forgetting about the past 7 years with Tim "Ripper" Owens and picking up where Priest left off on that fateful day in 1992 at the end of the Painkiller tour. All drama that was built up and took place in the band was now extinguished, and so Priest could finally have fun and press forward again.

Fast forward to May 2005. Priest had already released Angel Of Retribution(2005) and met with massive success (yeah not as huge of an impact as British Steel(1980) or Screaming For Vengeance(1982) back in the day, but in this day in age full of Nu-metal, mallcore, power metal clones, and monotonic death metal bands, any success for AoR is stellar). It saw Priest return to form as the classic heavy metal machine, promoting a new tour blending old favorites with the new material. And so we get to this concert specifically:

Priest felt that since Japan had many of their most energetic fans and that Unleashed In The East(1979) was made too early to have a proper video accompany the recording, returning to Tokyo would be the best bet for Priest's new DVD endeavor. And we get a solid performance for the most part. Now let's talk about the ups and downs of this particular concert:


-EXCELLENT CLASSIC SONG SETLIST! The songs here encompass pretty much what Priest is all about. You've got your epics (Electric Eye, Beyond The Realms of Death, Victim Of Changes), your speed metal monsters (Exciter, Painkiller, Hellrider), your commercial songs (Breakin' The Law, Living After Midnight, Turbo Lover, You've Got Another Thing Comin'), and the occasional ballad-type song here and there (Diamonds & Rust, A Touch Of Evil). No one facet of Priest is not covered.

-THE MEMBERS ALL SIMPLY SMOKE FROM FRONT TO BACK! I actually got to see them play a couple months later in Dallas (front row even!), and let me tell you, they are showing NO signs of slowing down! Especially Glenn and K.K. They still play as fast and passionately as they ever did. They might look like they're aging, but believe me when I say they can still outplay the likes of Yngwie Malmsteen and any other power metal soloist (by outplaying, I mean that Glenn and K.K. both know how to "shred correctly", which fits into the context of their songs without ever coming across as unmemorably boring wankery. And this is why they, as well as Adrian Smith and Dave Murray of Iron Maiden, are still my favorite shred twin-attack guitarists to this day!). Ian Hill is still bolted tight to the stage, and Scott Travis is a machine on the drums (my friend who I was with got to keep one of his drumsticks!). As far as the midrange stuff, Halford is spot on and sings more strongly than he has in a while. I'll get to the scream parts soon...

-In a typical Priest setlist, IT'S NICE TO SEE A FEW RARE TRACKS BROUGHT OUT ONCE IN A WHILE. What I'm talking about is 'Riding On The Wind', 'Hot Rockin', and 'I'm A Rocker'. I was especially surprised by 'IAR' since the band has always overlooked anything from the underrated Ram It Down(1988) album, and benefits with a much chunkier guitar tone. The good news is that on the tour of the next album, Priest might actually do a concert of mostly underrated songs and retire some of the more overplayed ones (you know which ones I'm talking about). So thanks to the positive feedback received from the previously mentioned tracks being played live, there maybe a chance in the future that songs like 'Rock Hard Ride Free', 'Dissident Aggressor', 'Stained Class', 'Steeler', and 'Blood Red Skies' could see the light of day...

-AOR'S SONGS ALL COME TO LIFE WONDERFULLY IN A LIVE SETTING! As much as Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson both love Roy Z's production abilities, I'm not a fan of the whole "bass, drums, and vocals drowned out in guitars" sound that Roy Z tends to use with his albums he produces for. In fact, that was my only real gripe with AoR, was its production, which made Priest's instrumentation sound like every other modern metal band (some might not see this as bad though). Here live, 'Judas Rising', 'Revolution', 'Worth Fighting For', 'Deal With The Devil', and 'Hellrider' let all the instruments have equal volume and have much more room to breathe. Halford's waving of the Priest logo flag in 'Revolution' is just awesome, and his hilarious little "hunched over dance" he does in 'Deal With The Devil' must be seen to be believed.


-Now let me get back to Halford. I disagree with the other reviewers who say that Rob's straining voice has only to do with his age (yeah he's older now, but not out yet, trust me on this), but I do agree with the ones who state that his voice was clearly shot out for this specific concert (a couple months later when I saw them, he had no troubles whatsoever falshetto-screaming 'Exciter', 'Painkiller', 'Deal With The Devil', and 'Victim Of Changes', all of which he's struggling with on this concert. In fact, when I saw them, his scream near the end of Painkiller was the most fiece I have EVER heard him!). So if the band was looking to display Halford's voice at its best, this was the wrong show to pick.

-Other than the new songs and rarities ALL THE TRACKS ARE JUST THE SAME SONGS THAT YOU'VE HEARD BEFORE ON EVERY OTHER LIVE RECORDING. How many times have we heard 'Breakin The Law', 'Living After Midnight', 'Hell Bent For Leather', and 'YGATC' before on other albums/compilations? 'Nuff said.

-NO SONGS WHATSOEVER FROM THE ALBUM, DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH(1984)!!! This is my all-time favorite Priest album and many fans will agree with me that it is one of their strongest efforts, and yet besides Rocka Rolla(1974), this is the ONLY album without ANY featured material! Inexcusable. 'Rock Hard Ride Free', 'Some Heads Are Gonna Roll', 'Freewheel Burning' or 'The Sentinel' would've easily sufficed.

-NO EXTRAS! The concert is the only thing on the disc, but an interview or other goodies would have been a nice bonus.

So there you have it. More or less, this is Priest as they are now circa 2005 in the best line-up they ever had. The age is starting to show slightly in looks, but in ability the band still knows how to play metal the way it should be: to the point, memorable, and full of unbridled power. In an age where metal has split into so many subgenres and kids are obsessed with no-talent hacks like Nickelback, Puddle of Mudd, and Seether, Judas Priest step back up to the plate and show the world that their brand of classic heavy metal is just as relevant today as it has ever been, seeing as they helped mold the style in the first place. If you ever get a chance to see them live, I highly recommend it, especially if you get close enough to high five KK and have Halford stand 3 feet away from your face and scream "STAAAAAND BY FOR EXCIIIIIIIIIIITTTEEEEERRR!!!" I'll never forget that show!


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