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Judas Priest: Electric Eye

Judas Priest: Electric Eye

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Media Type: DVD
Street Release Date: 12/09/2003

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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #16812 in DVD
  • Released on: 2003-12-09
  • Rating: NR (Not Rated)
  • Aspect ratio: 1.33:1
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Formats: Color, DVD, NTSC
  • Original language: English
  • Dimensions: 1.00 pounds
  • Running time: 168 minutes

Customer Reviews

Rock Hard, Ride Free!5
Bottom line: The "Electric Eye" DVD is an essential collector's item for any Judas Priest fan. This DVD is loaded with great material: 13 music videos, the 19 track Priest...Live! video, 6 rare BBC performances, and a complete discography that plays a full song from each album. The 8 page booklet includes some photos and a note from Rob Halford. The whole package is available for a decent price! Here's what you get:

13 Music Videos:

Living After Midnight (1980)
Breaking the Law (1980)
Don't Go (1981)
Heading out to the Highway (1981)
Hot Rockin'(1981)
You've got another thing Comin' (1982)
Freewheel Burnin' (1984)
Love Bites (1984)
Locked In (1986)
Turbo Lover (1986)
Johnny B. Goode (1988)
Painkiller (1990)
A Touch of Evil (1990)

Priest...Live! - Complete 1986 Dallas, TX Concert during Fuel For Life Tour includes these 19 tracks:

Out in the cold, Locked in, Heading out to the highway, Breaking the law, Love bites, Some heads are gonna roll, The sentinel, Private property, Desert plains, Rock you all around the world, Hellion/Electric eye, Turbo lover, Freewheel burning, Green manalishi, Parental guidance, Living after midnight, You've got another thing comin', Hell bent for leather, Metal Gods (plays over credits)

6 BBC TV Performances:

Rocka Rolla - Old Grey Whistle Test 1975
Dreamer Deceiver/Deceiver - Old Grey Whistle Test 1975
Take on the World - Top of the Pops 1979
Evening Star - Top of the Pops 1979
Living After Midnight - Top of the Pops 1980
United - Top of the Pops 1980

Horrendous mastering, but it still rocks4
First off, this DVD essentially combines the 1986 music video compilation "Fuel For Life", the 1987 concert video "!", adds the three videos made post-1986, and a very welcome handful of rare late-70's/early 80's television performances. Considering that these two VHS release would've set you back about $45 back in the day, this is a bona fide bargain.

The picture seems to be a straight transfer wihtout and real cleaning-up, but hey, it's better than my grainy VHS tapes now pushing 20 years old.

But here's the bad news - we've all gotten used to that little pause that occurs on DVD's when the laser switches layers on the disc. On virtually every DVD I've watched that has this pause, the mastering people are careful to place it in a section of the program where it will be virtually unnoticed (a scene transition, a scene with no dialogue or significant noise and/or little movement, etc.). For a concert film like this, you could certainly overlook a pause placed between two songs causing a brief silence in the crowd noise. But the moron in charge of mastering this disc placed the pause RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A SONG. Right during "The Sentinal", the image freezes, the music stops, everything grinds to a HALT.

Talk about cheap, unprofessional lack of quality control. It really devalues the product, and suddenly the low sticker price is justified. I'm tempted to rate this thing 2 or 3 stars simply because of the lackluster video transfer and the appallingly poor mastering, but I can't. It's Priest. It rocks. 5 stars for the material, 1 stars for the presentation, which in my grading system gives a weighted average of 4 stars.

Another Good Dvd Package4
If you're a Judas Priest fan(which you must be if you're reading this), buying this dvd is pretty much a no-brainer. Even if you read negative reviews, you'll probably get it anyway to complete your collection. Is it good? You bet! Especially for the price. The videos are lots of fun to watch. Priest was a great band, but they really make themselves look silly with these videos. Rob Halford must think he's in a play or Broadway musical with the way he overacts constantly. Many reviewers have said, "how couldn't you tell he was gay?" Well, you'll see where they're coming from, especially with the Point Of Entry videos. Remember the Police Academy movies? Remember how they would always trick the police captain and Proctor into going to the Blue Oyster bar? In the video "Don't Go", you'll swear that Halford just stepped out of that place. These may sound like complaints, but it's all this stuff that makes these videos so fun to watch. My favorite being "Freewheel Burning" coz of the Pole Position game and the laser lights. And who could forget the exploding head in "Another Thing Comin'?" The concert gets mixed reviews coz it's from the Turbo tour. I know it's not the tour we would have all picked, but it's still enjoyable and makes the dvd even more worth the money. Basically what it comes down to is if you liked the Iron Maiden dvd and how it was set up, you'll most likely dig this.

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