The Lowca Light  Railway
For over 50 years coal and other mineral trains have been transported to Workington Steel works via the Lowca Light Railway. Looking back over the years the locomotives used to haul these trains, show that for a shunting locomotive the duty was anything but light. In 1947 No 6 a 16x22in Hawthorn Leslie built in 1910 was transferred from Harrington No 10 Colliery together with No 61 (below)
a 18x24in Stephenson,  (works no 7061). built in 1942.
Then in 1953, No 68 (below)  (Works no 7686) built in 1950.
The two Stephensons kept the line running, but in 1964 it became obvious that unless uneconomic repairs were done to both the locomotives they would have to be replaced.
It was eventually decided to run two standard 200HP diesel locomotives in tandem, giving advantage not only in power but also in braking power on the steep gradients over the steam locomotives. The diesel locomotives used were
No 83 and No 84 and the finished locomotive was  renumbered No 88.
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