I inherited this group on Flickr a few months ago, after the old admin left for some reason. I don't even know who that is, so I couldn't tell you why he or she left.

The title should be fairly self-explanatory. While the recipes I submit, myself, will be relatively simple ones, involving cooking pretty much from scratch - bottled sauces, other than traditional Chinese ones (soy, hoison, black bean, etc.) are almost never seen - I don't require you to do the same. Just don't keep the reader in the kitchen for a few hours, and do try to be nice. It is only a cooking group.

What I've inherited is a group with photos, but little text, the photos linking to recipes that are posted off of Flickr. I do respect the notion of "being grandfathered in", but for new submissions, I would ask that the recipes being illustrated by the photos being put into the pool appear on Flickr, either in the photo description or, better, in the discussion section of the group. Let's see more content in the group, itself, instead of just being linked to from the group. Give the visitor a reason to be here, specifically.

Do keep your posts on-topic and family friendly. How could a recipe fail to be family friendly, you ask? I don't know, but somebody always manages to find a way. Much as I do respect creativity, please don't be that somebody.

Yes, the homepage for this group is located on a site without a guestbook, however that does not mean that you may use the group as if it were a guestbook for my site or blog. Those who do so will be banned on the spot, as will anybody else who brings arguments in from somewhere else, in all likelihood. If that's what you had in mind, then you've been warned. If that wasn't what you had in mind, take pleasure in the fact that I'm going to at least make some effort to keep the trolls out?

That was simple, wasn't it? Let's go to the group. (This page is part of Stumbling into the Void, home of Joe Dunphy's Page O' ... ahem!)