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I first got interested in radio in 1960. I was a cadet at St. John's Military School, here in Salina.

My room mate came up with a old radio and we had wire strung on two walls and out the window. We listened to police calls, and some overseas radio stations. My first taste of SWL. That's short wave listening.

This lasted a few months, until we were ordered to get the wire off the walls. Well no antenna, no radio. This ended my interest untill 1964.

My dad taught at St. John's, and we lived on campus. A cadet from Wyoming, got me interested in CB radio. That's Citizen Band. Back then CB isn't what it is now! There was very little local skip talking. Only a few ran over the 5 watt leagle limit. In 1965 I got my first radio license. A CB license, radio call was KNI-361.

We had 2 radio clubs then. Tri-Rivers CB club, and the REACT club. Tri-Rivers slowly died when Shilling AFB closed. The React club lost many members too. I was finally voted into REACT after a year of trying to get in. In the mean time I joined The Salvation Army Communications unit, (SAC). We worked many disasters in Kansas, ranging from floods to tornados. The REACT team did the same, but since most members belonged to both clubs finding someone to leave on short notice was no trouble. Before the REACT club broke up I was president 5 times. While I was in SAC I worked up to district coordinator with the rank of major.

I got interested in ham radio 1968. Taught my self the code during the summer. I joined the Central Kansas Amateur Radio Club, and got into their radio class. Well I finally past the code test, and the written test for a novice license. I received the call sign WNWJX.

In 1968 I joined Civil Air Patrol. Go to past interest to read about this.

This novice license was only good for two years. I got into another radio class, and worked with several other hams and finally passed the Technician class test. My call was changed to WAWJX.

Many years went by and I set my sights on the General license. I lived with the general license test book for several months. Finally all the hard work was worth it. I PASSED!

Many more years went by and I tried for the Advanced license. This test covered everything I wasn't doing. Slow scan tv to satellites. Well it was back to the the books again. Several months of hard work finely paid off. I passed the test! My call sign was changed to KDYP.

Several hams talked me into trying the Extra class test. The written test I took a couple of times, the code took a few times also. One day I was told I passed!

This just proves one thing. "What ever you want to do, don't be afraid to do it for fear of failure." Keep trying, work harder.

I enjoy working on the HF bands, two meters, and 44 Mhz. Got started in packet radio when it first came out.

Now I spend most of my free time on the computer.

In the car I can be found on the 2 meter country hunters net when I go on long trips. The two meter radio is always on.

Right now, to catch me on HF, is like trying to talk to China. Just by chance.

Since I spoke often of my home at St. John's, 1947 - 1966, I add their link also.

Thanks for visiting, and be seeing you down the ol log book. 73s and please sign the log, er Dreambook.

You can always spot a hams house. Their antenna is larger than their house.

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Willard Fischer


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Member of 74th Battalion

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