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The 3rd Kansas Light Artillery, was formed at Ft Leavenworth, Kansas as an artillery detachment of the 2nd Kansas Cavalry in 1861. The unit captured a Rebel Battery at Ft. Wayne, I. T. (What is now Oklahoma.) It was later formed into the 3rd Kansas Light Artillery Battery. The unit was mustered out of service at Ft. Leavenworth in 1865.

The 3rd Kansas fought in the following battles: Cabin Creek, I. T., Cane Hill, AK, Guard Duty, Newtonia, MO, Honey Springs, I. T., Prairie Grove, AK, Ft. Wayne, I. T.

The 3rd Kansas Reenacting unit was formed by Merle Hodges in 1989. It is considered to be the largest Union Battery West of the Mississippi. The unit is made up of three detachments: 3rd Kansas, Freemont Battery and the Mounted Artillery Battery.

The 3rd Kansas has fought in National and State events.

National Events:

Red River Campaign - - Pea Ridge, AK - - Shiloh, TN

Franklin, TN - - Spring Hill, TN - - Nashville, TN

Mufreesboro, TN - - Wilson Creek, MO - - Gettysburg, PA

State Events: Honey Springs, I. T. - - Prairie Grove, AK - -Lexington, MO

Ft. Kearney, NE - - Ft. Blakley, AL - - Nebraska, City, NE

Mine Creek, KS - - Bee Creek, MO - - Washington, MO

Cabin Creek, I. T. - - Carthage, MO - - Lexington, MO

Butler, MO - - Grand Island, NE - - Keokuk, IA

Pawnee City, NE - - Ft. Reno, I. T. - - Pilot Knob, MO

Ft. Leavenworth, KS - - - Jefferson Barracks ,MO

This is only a small list. Several events have been done more than once.

We have also done many local events. Not sponsored by a State.

Click on pix for a larger pix

4 mule hitch with our 10 pound Parrott, with crew at Carthage, MO 1997

4 mule hitch with our 10 pound Parrott, with crew at Carthage, MO 1997

Night Fire 1998

Night Fire 1998

4 mule hitch at Hanover, Ks 1997 - photo by Marilyn Johnson

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