Since Yahoo! is discontinuing GeoCities, this is where I'll be hosting my various pages of interest. You can follow the links below if you weren't directed here otherwise.

Mary Poppins Icons - Icons I made for Disney100 on LJ.
Numb3rs Fiction - Horribly out of date, this was my way of organizing my Numb3rs fan fiction. I plan to update this. Eventually. All links are directed to LJ.
Horatio Hornblower Fiction - I've written so many fics for this fandom and not always chronologically, so I organized the links on this page. All links are directed to LJ.
Captain Sir Edward Pellew Mood Theme - I made a mood theme for LJ featuring Robert Lindsey as Captain Sir Edward Pellew from Horatio Hornblower. Please note the captain. I only used screencaps from the first four movies. I think that was when Pellew really shone as a character.

More may be added in the future.