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New Marvel Talents

image loading Fighting Skills image loading

Martial Arts F
This form of martial arts encourages physical toughness. The practitioner of this form gains +1CS to Blocking, and checks vs. Slams and Stuns. This form has no offensive applications, but instead keys in on defense by outlasting the opponent.

Martial Arts G
This fighting form relies more on intuition than intelligence. The practitioner of this form can wait until all actions have been declared before he or she must declare an action. This is limited to melee fighting situations only, and cannot be used to state anything but a fighting oriented action.

Characters with this talent gain +1CS to Fighting FEATs involving trying for multiple attack rolls. Also gains a +1 on initiative rolls.

The player with this talent can use his various fighting skills in the flashiest way possible without penalty. Opponents viewing this feat of skill must make a Psyche FEAT roll at +1CS or try to avoid melee confrontation with this character.

image loading Weapon Skills image loading

Paired Weapons
This talent may either apply to one-handed ballistic weapons or one-handed melee weapons (keep in mind that for an Am Strength character, a battle-axe could be a one-handed weapon!).
For ballistic weapons, a character gains one extra distance attack per round without penalty if firing at only one target. If the PC fires at two seperate targets, he/she must make a Rm intensity FEAT vs. their character's Agility. If the feat is made (green or better), no problem. Otherwise, the PC must take a 2CS penalty to both shots.
For melee weapons, the extra attack can be used to parry also. Otherwise, the same rules apply to melee that applied to ballistic, except the Fighting stat is used instead. Taking a second slot in this talent can, at GM's option, negate the drawbacks to directing attacks at multiple targets.

image loading Espionage Skills image loading

Tracking gives a +1CS bonus to Intuition checks when trying to track earthbound targets thru any type of terrain (difficulty modifiers can apply).

Disguise gives a +1CS to two stats...Intuition and Reason. When a PC gets in disguise, two situations could come up. One is where the disguise only has to pass at a glance. In this situation, anyone having cause to notice rolls an opposed FEAT between his Intuition and the character's Reason (+1CS). The other situation is where the character must adopt mannerisms to go with the disguise (disguising voice, affecting a limp, etc.). The person the character is trying to fool must make an opposed FEAT against the character's Intuition (+1CS) using either Reason or Intuition (whichever is higher). In either case, if the FEAT is failed, nothing is noticed. Green thru Red would signify anything from knowing something is wrong to recognizing the character.

Ballistics is the study of guns - knowing what bullet goes with what gun, where a shot could have come from, etc., etc. This is the kind of stuff you see TV detectives doing when they find powder burns and bullet holes. PC gets a +1CS to Reason when trying to figure out these kinds of things.

This is the talent to sort the good information from the crap. At the GM's option, this could be worth two slots. The PC gets the benefit of the GM pointing out anything applicable to a given situation. This is a great help if the PC is looking through a couple dozen filing cabinets or is going through someone's computer. It's a good way for the GM to pass hints to the PC's if the going is slow also.

The PC gets +1 CS to Reason when figuring out the best applications for explosives, or the creation of home made explosives. Allows a good chance to blow the vault door off the wall without collapsing the back half of the building.

This talent has two benefits. First, the PC gets a +1 CS to Reason to create or remove Security devices, provided the PC has the proper background or a high enough Reason to begin with. Second, the PC gets a +1 CS to Intuition for noticing installed security devices.

image loading Scientific Skills image loading

This talent is useful for the accurate creation and interpretation of maps. The PC with this talent gets +1CS to Reason when dealing with maps of any kind.

Genetics allow characters to recognize signs of genetic tampering, note genetic abnormalities, and (with the right equipment) conduct genetic experiments or projects. (It's ALIIVE! It's ALIIIIIVE!!!)

Ecology is the study of living things and how they interact in an ecological system. A PC with ecology will gain a +1 CS to Reason to checks involving learning or reasoning out things about a natural balance, like what is throwing it off ("See this, the bugs are going wild on these plants...somewhere there must be a tremendous nest underground...somewhere..."). Will be an expert on most ecological situations, and may guess at alien ones also.

This talent will give PC's a +1 CS to Reason involving geology. This will come in handy for caves, earthquakes, minerals, anything involving the ground or what's under it (excluding most man-made objects).

Pretty self explanatory. The character knows aspects of operation, programing, and hardware. This does not allow you to make a hard drive from scratch, but you can do most anything else from a user perspective. +1 CS to Reason feats involving computers.

Mutant Studies
This talent allows characters to figure out possible origins for powers, derive logical weaknesses that a character may have, know what kind of power was used based on evidence left behind, and have a good chance of knowing who is out there in the mutant world. The PC is up on current events involving mutants, and knows things pertinent to mutants. +1 CS Reason on feats involving the above information.


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