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New Marvel Powers

Energy Control Powers

Entropy Magnification
Entropy is the tendency of an object or system to disorganize and end up in disorder or randomness. For example, a crystal dish set on a table represents more order than the set after being shattered with a hammer. That hammer represents Entropy.
The power lets a PC accelerate the rate of decay in an object, group or system. This has varying effects depending on if the power is focused on physical or intangible things.
This power can do rank level damage every round to physical objects. To do damage, an opposed FEAT roll is made against the material strength or the Endurance of the target. Considering the constant flux of Order and Chaos, physical damage is not always permenant. Duration is determined by the color of the successful FEAT roll you made. A Green FEAT makes the damage last 1 round. A Yellow lasts 10 rounds. A Red is permenant. Note: just because the damage is non-permenant does not mean it is non-lethal. If you do enough damage to end a life, the damage reverting to normal 10 rounds later will not bring it back. Can use on multiple targets as the rules describe for standard energy attacks.
This is where power stunts tend to come into play. Several kinds of effects are possible...
*Disrupting someone's concentration
*Diffusing an energy attack
*Wreaking havoc with computer systems
*Cause meetings to degenerate into arguments
The possibilities are many and varied. When using the power this way on multiple targets, take the highest Psyche or applicable intensity, and add 1CS to the opposed intensity for every 4 members of the group.
Example: You are trying to disrupt a board meeting. The chairman has a Psyche of Gd, and there are 8 other people at the meeting. The opposed rank to roll against would be Rm.
Example: You are trying to crash a computer network. The main computer is a Rm program, and there are 4 sub-units. The opposed rank to roll against would be In.
Durations are a little different than with inanimate objects. A successful Green FEAT lasts 1 minute, a Yellow lasts 10 minutes, and a Red FEAT roll indicates number of minutes x power rank x 10. In the case of diffusing an attack or something equally short lived, the duration is instantaneous (if successful).
Optional Powers: none
Nemesis Powers: Reflection, Force Field v. Energy

Fighting Powers

Combat Sense (F)
This power hightens the senses of the PC during times of battle, letting reflexes respond almost as fast as the signals get to the brain. The PC has to choose one of three ways this power works...
1. 1 melee attack per round, in addition to multiple attacks, etc.
2. 1 distance attack per round, in addition to normal attacks
3. 1 dodge per round, in addition to any other actions.
Optional Powers: Martial Supremacy, Danger Sense
Nemesis Powers: Opposing Combat Sense Power (1 extra dodge v. 1 extra attack, etc.)

Mental Powers

Photographic Reflexes (M)
The PC takes 3 rounds to analyze physical talents when seen in use by other people. At that point the PC may temporarily copy these talents for 1 minute times the power rank. The PC uses his/her stats, but may have the benefit of any physical talent in this fashion (fighting talents, physical ones like swimming or climbing, etc).
Optional Powers: Mental Duplication
Nemesis Powers: Invisibility

Karmic Tap (M)
This power allows characters to tap into their reservoir of willpower (Karma) and increase any power or ability by 1 point for every 2 Karma spent. The power rank is the limit of Karma you can use in 1 round. The Duration is the round in which you spend the Karma. Rolling an Amazing FEAT roll will get you another round of benefit from the Karma spent. If the FEAT is rolled and failed, PC must spend the same amount of Karma for that round. If there is insufficient Karma to do so, the remainder is taken from the PC's health. This power is considered a free action, may be done in addition to other actions in the round.
Optional Powers: None
Nemisis: Itself

Lifeform Control Powers

Biolink (Lifeform Control)
This allows the PC to establish a link between his health points and another character's. This link allows health to be transferred along it if needed between two or more individuals. You cannot exceed maximum health using this power. The power rank determines two things: one is the maximum number of health points per turn that can be transferred per person in the link. The other is the FEAT that must be rolled...
Link with 1 character: Automatic
Link with 2 characters: Rm FEAT
Link with 3 characters: Am FEAT
No more than 3 characters can be linked to. The other characters in the link must be WILLING, otherwise no link can be established. Range is touch to establish.
Example: Lifetap is keeping to the rear of a raging battle. His companions, Inferno and Shamrock are fighting in the forefront and are Biolinked with Lifetap. Both of them get hit. Lifetap's options are: absorb health from both of them, absorb from one and give to another, or give to both from his health. His rank is In, so he can give or take 40 with one and 40 with the other.
Optional Powers: None
Nemesis Powers: Bio-Vampirism (may cross the Biolink with it)

JEMIDEX: While the Ultimate Powers Book (TM) has a dazzling array of powers, there are always more that have not been covered yet. To that end, I have created a few more that I hope people find useful...

JEMIDEX, Webmaster,Content,Graphics.

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