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Personal Marvel Characters

I am starting to add some characters that I either played outright under another person's judging, and some of the NPC's that I am rather fond of in my campaigns. Feel free to use them in your games as you see fit...


Name: Christine Newcastle
Physical Form: Random Mutant/Cyborg-limb & organ
Origin: Natal/Creation
Weakness: heavy thunderstorms (psych); Incapacitation; Continuous with Contact
FightingIn (40)Health130
AgilityEx (20)Karma70
StrengthIn (40)Popularity-10
EnduranceRm (30)ResourcesRm (30)
ReasonGd (10)
IntuitionEx (20)
PsycheIn (40)

Powers (7/9):
True Flight: In
Combat Sense: one extra melee attack/rd
Combat Sense: one extra dodge/rd
True Invulnerability: Kinetic only: Rm
Plasma Emission: In
True Sight: Rm
Talents (3/5):
WP Sword (+1 CS Fighting w/ sword)
Mutant Studies
About Kestrel:
Kestrel heads up a mercenary organization called the Red Talons. There are a dozen other powered members of the group, and 200-300 "normals". Kestrel mostly deals with the political aspects of the organization's dealings. However, she is able and willing to wade into the "wetwork" as needed. She carries a titanium alloy broadsword (In material strength) that she can do Am damage with.
Kestrel was born a mutant, and suffered a debilitating defeat early in her carreer when she fought a weather controller. In the fight, she lost her left arm and suffered some major internal damage. To this day, she has a bad psychological reaction to thunderstorms, which makes her physically ill and incapacitates her as long as she is outside during a large storm. After the fight, she made contact with a cyberneticist who repaired and replaced a good portion of her anatomy. She acquired a plasma emitter in her artificial left arm and a sensory package that uses full spectrum analysis to penetrate illusions and holograms (True Sight).
She will typically close with an opponent as soon as possible to take advantage of her invulnerability to kinetics. She will tend to try to take her opponents alive and ransom them in preference to killing them.


Name: L'ar Shazdra
Physical Form: Humanoid Race (Alien)
Origin: Natal
Weakness: blinding lights; Power Negation; Continuous with Contact
FightingIn (40)Health140
AgilityRm (30)Karma135
StrengthIn (40)Popularity0
EnduranceRm (30)ResourcesGd (10)
ReasonEx (20)
IntuitionIn (40)
PsycheMn (75)

Powers (7/9):
Unique Weapon: "Auretrox" Am - Grants Weather Control (Am)
Hallucinations: Rm
Force Field vs. Emotions: Rm
Psionic Detection: Ex
Elongation: Ex
Linguistics: Ex
Talents: (3/4)
WP "Exotic"
About Tetrapod:
Tetrapod is an alien stranded on Earth. She embarked on a quest for the weapon she carries, "Auretrox", which was hidden on Earth. Her alien race has a different set of ethics than humanity. She does not feel that "places" can be owned. Items can, but not places. This philosophy gets her into a lot of trouble, especially when her curiousity gets the best of her. She relies heavily on the weapon she has acquired in battle, but will use her Hallucination power to affect a getaway if needed.


Name: George August, Jr.
Physical Form: Induced Mutant
Origin: Chemical Exposure
Weakness: Herbicides; Power Negation; Continuous with Contact
FightingRm (30)Health180
AgilityRm (30)Karma110
StrengthMn (75)Popularity30
EnduranceIn (40)ResourcesRm (30)
ReasonAm (50)
IntuitionIn (40)
PsycheRm (30)

Powers (5/7):
Darkforce Generation: In
Personal Force Field: Rm
Combat Tail: Un
Flight: Ex
Body Resistance: In
Talents: (4/8)
First Aid
Resist Domination
About Pulverizer:
Pulverizer is one of my personal characters - my oldest veteran. He is the founder and leader of a hero group called "The Garrison". Pulverizer is 42 years old, a rather large solid man with brown eyes. He was a leading geneticist specializing in botanical genetics. During the course of an experiment dealing with plants as an alternate source of energy, he was exposed to what should have been lethal amounts of plasma radiation. Over the course of two years, he mutated and grew a large plated tail. Pulverizer was able to come up with a serum in that time that reversed much of the damage the energy exposure caused. He retained several powers that the exposure granted him, mostly having to do with manipulating energy and his physical mutations.


Name: Trace Phillips
Physical Form: Mineral
Origin: Energy Exposure
Weakness: Vibration; power negation; Continuous with Contact
FightingAm (50)Health430
AgilityIn (40)Karma80
StrengthMn (75)Popularity0
EnduranceAm (50)ResourcesGd (10)
ReasonEx (20)
IntuitionEx (20)
PsycheIn (40)

Powers (4/6):
Body Armor: In
Magnetism: Mn
Geoforce: In
Hyper-Endurance: Ex (temporary boost of +5 CS)
Talents: (4/8)
Martial Arts C
Martial Arts E
About Lodestone:
Trace was a mild mannered Geologist that was investigating a lava flow when a pocket of radioactive minerals was exposed by a collapse. Trace fell into this pocket, and when he woke up had to crack his way out of a rocky shell. The experience has left him less than stable, and he constantly seeks a way to counter what has happened to him. He is firmly convinced that a great deal of radiation will solve his problem, however there is no legal way to acquire this. This tends to pose a problem with local authorities from time to time...


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