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Evening the Score

(Items a mutant hunter shouldn't be without)

Welcome to the spring line of hi-tech accessories in the Wells Industries catalog. Due to some unfortunate labor disputes (which we will soon have resolved, with the judicious use of some of our toys...), our summer line has been delayed. As soon as the strike has been busted (and do we mean busted!), we will have some additions to our catalog that you simply cannot do without! We cater to government enforcement agencies, corporation security, and private parties with enough money to shop here. We will, of course, need 2 weeks for all checks to clear, considering the amounts we are looking at for purchase. But, hey, if you have the cash, we have the toys!


Genetech Genetic Resonatorimage loading...
Price: Rm
This device uses high-spectrum radio waves to resonate genetic structures and detect variances in the genetics of the target from a preset "norm". The device can cause damage to the genetics of the target if exposure is too long (can vary from target to target - usually a minute is a little too long). A reading can be obtained in about 3 combat rounds. Intensity of scan is Rm. The device can be foiled by radiowave control powers, and electrical control can, on an In FEAT cause the scanner to show a false reading. (this weakness is inherent in each of the scanners listed) Range is about 3 feet.

Energy Spike/Waveform Detectorimage loading...
Price: In
Military and govornment organizations will most likely have access to this type of sensing device. (Civilians can get them, but they can be pricey... and less than legal) Scanning intensity is In, and they need to be calibrated to filter out background energy patterns, or scanning ability is only Gd intensity (Calibration takes about 10 minutes). The scanner will detect all Energy Emission powers, all Energy Control powers, and any Travel powers that are not psychically based. Will not detect magic or strictly biological energies. The range can be calibrated for 10 feet to 10 miles.

Wells-Ordin Bio-Metabolic Indicator
Price: Rm
This device scans at Ex intensity. This scan is a purely physical scan. It uses thermal, sound, and humidity based sensors to match metabolic activity to a "norm" variance. As an example, Armorskin will dull the readings the device recieves, heightened strength or endurance will show a higher body temperature or increased blood flow (sound sensors will pick that up), etc. This will detect Self Alteration powers, Physical powers, and others on a case by case basis (GM's, keep on your toes!). Range is within 50 feet of the sensors.


Interphasic Energy Dampenerimage loading...
Price: Rm/Am
There are two versions of this dampening device. One is made for defense of areas, the other is made for personal defense. They are based on the same principal, so I will describe it generically and show the intensity ranks before and after a slash for personal and area versions. The biggest difference between the personal version and the area based version is that the personal version can be worn in a backpack sized casing. The area based version is about the size of a shopping cart. The device is based on the principal that with sound, if you generate a sound that has a peak in the wavelength where the opposing sound has troughs, and vice versa, the result is silence. This theory is applied to all EM bands of energy in use around it (as a side note, bio-electical energy happens on such a small level that it is ignored by the Dampener - it is not a Field of Death for biologicals!). Any energy in use is detected as it is being brought into use, and a counter-pulse or stream of energy is emitted in response. The result is that any energy emission or control is reduced by 20/40 points. The range of the Dampener is 10/50 feet.

Impact-Nullifier Combat Suit
Price: In
This is a flexible body suit that resembles a type of padded armor. The pads are lined with kevlar strips and laced throughout with Vibranium particles. Captain America has vibranium in his shield to absorb impact, so why not have that kind of protection in a suit? The suit provides In protection from impacts, whether they be punches or falling (yes, you could skydive without a chute, as long as you don't land on your head!). Against edged weapons, the suit provides only Ex protection.

Null-Psych Beta-Wave Emitter
Price: Am
A fairly pricy item, usually only found in the hands of govornments or very rich individuals who MUST have their privacy. This portable emitter throws a barrage of beta waves that resemble radio static for anyone trying to use mental powers on anything within 10 feet of the emitter. The emitter is small enough that it can be clipped to someone's belt. All mental powers in use in the 10 foot radius or that are targeting anything in the 10 foot radius are reduced by 40 points (Am intensity becomes Gd, etc.).

Gateway Threat Response System ("Gator" system)image loading...
Price: Am
The Gator system is a backpack mounted device that makes use of technology that most humans do not understand (room for GM creativity here!). What it does is in response to targeted input from the operator or a computer system, it will create a 2 foot gateway in front of a targeted ranged attack and will either create an exit gateway to a preprogrammed coordinate or default to a gateway behind the operator, creating an unbroken line of fire. This will work only for ranged attacks like Energy Emission powers or Ballistics. This device is extremely difficult to get a hold of, unless you own a small country or have EXTREMELY good contacts! The intensity of the gateway is Gd.


Genome Toxin Grenadesimage loading...
Price: Rm (6 grenades)
These grenades disperse a unique type of nerve toxin that only reacts to aberrent DNA in a victim's body. There has been a complete mapping of standard genes in the human body done (the Human Genome Project) that allows this kind of chemical technology. The gas does Rm neurological damage each round to anyone with superhuman genetics or alterations - unfortunately, some innocent bystanders are affected by this toxin. Anyone with obviously genetically based maladies (Down's Syndrome, etc.) will be affected like a mutant or altered human. There is a 30% chance of this toxin affecting alien humanoid physiologies also. The toxin cloud is 20' by 20' by 10' high and lasts for 5 rounds.

Electro-Physiological Flux Generatorimage loading...
Price: In
This is a rifle-sized weapon that will intensify the neurological activity in a target (Am intensity for determining if the effect can be resisted). What this does, in effect, is electrocute the target from within. The more neurological energy that is going through the target, the worse the target will be damaged. There are two things that will determine the level of neurological activity in the body. If the target has mentally based powers, the highest power rank in those powers determines the maximum electrical potential in the body. If the target has superhuman Agility, that rank is used if there are no higher ranks in Mental powers. The rifle has Ex range and needs to be fired like a standard gun would to hit the target. The gun is fueled off a power pack on the belt - small nuclear fusion generator. :)

Molecular Resonance Inducerimage loading...
Price: Am
If you are sick of flattening ammo on natural body armor, this is the toy for you! Rather than punch an attack through armor, point the Inducer wand at an opponent, and a specifically programmed molecular structure will be pumped to bursting with energy to it's molecular bonds. What this accomplishes is a increasingly painful resonance effect as the molecule vibrates itself apart. The most common practice is to set the wand to resonate Calcium, and watch an opponents bones turn to jelly! The intensity of the field, range, and damage is Rm - the wand can be overloaded for an Am blast that affects everything of that molecular structure within 30'. The wand can hold a charge that will last for 10 rounds of emmissions.

Psi-Scrambler Wave Generator
Price: Am
Using the same technology as the Null-Psych emitter, this backpack mounted device spews a cone shaped barrage of high-frequency beta waves at Am intensity. The range is a cone 100' long that is 50' wide at it's terminus. The beta waves fill the mind of anyone with Mental powers with the loudest radio static you could imagine. The victim must make a Psyche check each round to be able to concentrate on ANYTHING. If they are able to take an action, they may use any Mental powers that still operate after a 50 pt. reduction.

Phase Rocketsimage loading...
Price: In/rocket
This weapon takes no prisoners! Fired out of a standard LAW rocket cylinder, this rocket has a computerized warhead with a proximity sensor set for 1 foot. When the sensor goes off, the rocket goes out of phase long enough to travel 18 inches, then triggers two explosions...the first destroys the phasing apparatus, causing the rocket to come back into phase. The second detonates the missile a microsecond later. The result is Mn damage that bypasses any natural or inorganic body armor, resistances, etc. Collateral damage is minimal, which is always a plus (Ex damage to anything within 10' of the explosion).


Inhibitor Field Generators
Price: In + 1 rank per intensity above Rm
These generators come in packages of four. They can cover up to 1 area in a field bound in four corners by the generators. The generators are each the size of a football, are easily camouflaged, and are activated by remote. The normal intensity of the field generated is Rm (all superhuman abilities excluding magic, and all superhuman attributes are reduced by 30 pts.) but they can be purchased in intensities up to Am. The generators are within the field when activated so are not vulnerable as much to mutant powers (standard munitions will still destroy them though - each has 40 Health). The field effect will last 8 hours before the generators need recharging.

Modular Add-On's

Energy Control Nullification Fields
Price: Ex
These are small modular components you can wire into an electical system that you wish to be free from energy control tampering. The small modular box will set up an EM flux field that follows each wire and circuit that comprises the system. Only one module is needed for man-sized or smaller objects. For larger items, the rule of thumb is a module for every 20 feet of wiring. The field strength with regard to resisting energy control attempts is In.

Energy Amplitude/Frequency Adjuster
Price: Ex
This module fits over the emitter of an energy based device. It can do two things. First, it can reduce the intensity of an effect and increase the range, by up to 2 ranks...Ex: A laser pistol has Ex intensity. That means Ex range and Ex damage. You could change the setting so that it has Rm range and Gd damage (+1 CS rng, -1 CS dmg). Second, it can reduce the range of an effect and increase the intensity, once again by up to 2 ranks...Ex: Same laser pistol as previous example. You could tune it so that the range is reduced to Pr (-2 CS) and increase the damage to In (+2 CS). Your range is much reduced, but then again, you don't need as many shots to finish the job! This module will work for energy weapons, sensors, and field effects.


Adreno-Stim Gland
Price: Rm
With elective surgery, this organ can be connected to your adrenal glands. When you get that "fight or flight" reflex to danger, this will give you more "fight" than "flight"! In combat situations, a gain of +1 CS goes to the character's Strength score. The drawback is that it rapidly depletes the immediate energy reserves of the character, causing all physical ability scores to be subtracted by the same amount the character's strength was raised. As an example, Lockup, mutant hunter, wasn't satisfied with his Excellent (20) strength. After the surgery, Strongarm has Remarkable (30) strength when he's in a fight or a panic. However, if he gets his strength boosted to Remerkable (+10 points), after the fight all his physical abilities (FASE) are dropped by 10 points for 24 hours. But if the high strength makes the difference between victory and defeat, you can always kick back and sip pina colada's after kicking your opponent's butt!

Psi-Spy Ectoclonal Pod
Price: Rm
This item is a marvel of genetic engineering and alien hybrid cloning technology! The pod is a small (palm-sized) flat gel-pocket that attaches 4 tendrils to your spinal cord. The pod sits between the shoulder blades or on the back of the neck. The benefit you get from the pod is that it's a beta-wave receiver, that is, it can read thoughts within 20 feet. The user gets the benefit of Telepathy (read only) at Rm rank. The delicate nature of the pod unfortunately cannot take extended contact with bio-electricity. The pod is good for 10 hours of use before it dies. If it is subjected to an electical shock of Gd of higher, it dies instantly.

Auditory Filter and Enhancer ("Ear Tendril")
Price: Ex
These come in a set of two. They are small organic pods with 3 inch tendrils that sprout from one side of the pod. These pods are inserted like ear plugs. The tendrils probe and find the conductive bones of the inner ear and bypass the eardrum. They also attack themselves to the blood supply to maintain their own existance. Their function is two-fold. The first is to provide the equivalent of Rm enhanced sense of hearing. The second is to filter out noise above a damaging decibel level (+2 CS resistance to sound based attacks based on sound volume). The pod has reactions much faster than human, and reacts instantly to sound volume based attacks.

Stim-pulse Nerve Acceleration Pod
Price: In
This pod attaches to the upper 1/2 of the spine. The purpose of this pod is to accelerate the reaction time and reflexes of the individual hooked up to it. The benefit of the pod is that it induces a +1 CS to Agility, and a +3 modifier to initiative rolls. However, since it enhances the speed and intensity of nerve impulses, pain that the user suffers is magnified. For purposes of consciusness, all attacks do +1 CS damage. An Incredible attack (40) will seem to do Amazing (50) damage. After regaining consciousness, the user will have whatever extra health they lost to the pain damage regained. Ex: Lockup is in battle and suffers Incredible (40) damage. Because of the pod, he subtracts Amazing (50) damage. Assuming he has 45 Health, Lockup will later awaken with 5 health points left (as if he took only the 40 points of original damage). Of course, if you are able to hit first, odds are you won't have to worry about them hitting back!

Nerve Toxin Sleeve
Price: In
This is a clear, gelatinous sleeve that covers the forearm from wrist to elbow. The sleeve is able to produce venom darts at the rate of one per hour. These darts are Gd material strength, and have Rm strength paralytic nerve toxin. For +1 CS to the cost, you can get Rm strength deadly nerve toxin. The darts range is two areas. This sleeve has connections that tap into the metabolism of the user for nourishment and for raw materials to produce venom darts from. The sleeve has an internal launching tube for the darts it produces. Since the sleeve taps into the users metabolism, while the sleeve is worn, the user is at -1 CS to his/her endurance. When the sleeve is not worn, there is a tank of nutrient that it should be kept in.

More to come soon!


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