Jeff's Mazda RX-7 Information Page

This page contains unusual information  pertaining to Rotary Engines and information for owners of second generation  1986-1991 Mazda RX-7s (FC3S). It contains information on misunderstood topics  and somewhat unusual information.
FC3S Information
Mustang Rims
Rotary Engine
Explanation of Flywheels
Stock Top Mount Intercooler  Discussion
Rotary Engine Displacement - The  Final Answer
How to Install an Autometer Oil  Pressure Gauge
Renesis Engine Ports - Port Area
Stock Four Piston Brake Discussion
Direct Injection and Miller Cycle  Rotary Engines
Improving Brake Performance
Semi-Peripheral Ports
Preventing Brake Fade
Engine Weights
Brake Stopping Distance
Narrow-Band Oxygen Sensor Resolution
Mazda MX-03 Concept Engine Info
Undertray Discussion
Other Information
Hatch Tar Removal
RX-7  Book Reviews
What Can I Do About My "Restrictive" AFM?
My  Car's Dyno Results
Dyno Results From Other Vehicles/Engines
Pictures From a Lapping Day
My Car's Weight
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