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Welcome.I am a Christian and this is my personal website.Even if you are not christian, perhaps some of the stuff I post here may be interesting to you. I am a writer of science fiction, I haven't been published yet but I believe god gave me the gift of being a writer. I will post many of my stories on this website as I write them.All are copyright by me, Jack Derry. Feel free to distribute them to your friends and family if you wish. If you enjoy any of my stories or anything on this website is useful to you, Please consider donating to One of the Many Charities in existence. A List of Charities can be found by Clicking Here It's not mandatory in order to read anything on the website of course, just a suggestion. My inspiration for many of these stories are from my life experience's,the bible of course and the disease's that I live with everyday.

WebSite Sections-
My Fiction are links to the stories I write

Links are links to some of my favorite websites

My Blog is of course a diary I started keeping when god first started to get me to stop ignoring him

Computer Help/Info is some of my knowledge of computers and the internet. If you're new to the net or just curious about how things work online, it might interest you.

Books are just a some of the books that I have read over the years

Quotations Daily Bible Quotes and links to quotation websites

Daily Cartoon is just that, a daily cartoon to make you laugh.

Gallery is for some of my pictures, wallpaper and if you wish, feel free to upload some of yours

Daily News has Science Fiction news and links to Many News Websites.

Diabetes has links to diabetes information

TV/Movies has information on some of the tv and movies I like and recommend watching.

Odd and Funny News is just that, odd and funny news :)

Feel free to email me if you have comments(good or bad) or questions and please, sign my guestbook.

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