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Mary Ann's Travels

Let me tell you about myself.  I was born in Washington DC as Mary Angela Bartecchi.  I was given the nickname, Mary Ann, by my parents, Dan and Arlene.  My father was in the airforce.  That was the beginning of my travels.  My mother and I joined my father in Germany, where my sister, Patricia and brother, Danny,  were born.  We moved to England and lived there for a short time before moving to Oklahoma.  My youngest sister, Chris, was born there.  We moved to Maryland after two years in Oklahoma.  Maryland was my home until I was 30.

I grew up in Glen Burnie.  Attended Point Pleasant Elementary, Marley Jr High and graduated in the bicentenial year at Glen Burnie High in 1976.  I then attended Essex Community College, majoring in Engineering. 

I would travel to West Virginia with my friends, while in college.  I was a camera toting tourister then.  That is where I met my future husband, Rick McFarlan in 1980 and I married him in 1988.  I moved to the Potomac Highlands of West Virginia to be with him.

I have two daughters, Samantha, 15, and Amanda (Mandy), 11.  I also have a pied cockatiel named Crackers and a quaker parrot named Petey.

Some of family moved to Delaware after I graduated.  I go there quite often to visit. 

I love traveling, photography and art.  My favorite "thing" is to grab my kids, the camera and jump in the car to go somewhere.  I am dedicating my pages to travel. 

I have worked in a Time/Share resort, Land of Canaan Home Owners Association, in Canaan Valley, WV,  as an Activities Assistant.  I have sent brocures to people, given directions and when the Activities director was absent, I would drive a van full of people for trips around the Potomac Highland Area.  I would also teach crafts to the homeowners and RCI.  I enjoyed working with people from all over. 
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Taken July 1999
This is me 16 years ago at Kings Dominion, Va.
Potomac Highlands 
Huricane Dennis
My Drawings
Chickens in the Trunk
Ocean City  During Dennis
Potomac Highland Pictures
Procrastination and my Lost Child
Ocean City Works of Art
Seneca Caverns
WVgabbers at Shoneys
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