Jennifer Pittam
  Jennie's first novel, Face The Champion, follows the tumultuous adventures of fairground boxer, Thomas Tarling and his numerous extended family. The novel is set amongst the working classes of early 19th century Britain.

I was born in London in 1954. After secretarial college I took a variety of jobs, and then, fancying a change, signed on with a temporary agency in London's West End. One day I accepted a half-day booking with the titled head of an old publishing house. Over the  next 14 years I gained an encyclopedic knowledge of the book trade with Harper Collins, Macmillan, Oxford University Press and the BBC.
In 2003, whilst working as a journalist on the BBC’s ‘Voice of a Nation’ oral history project, I finally fulfilled a dream and started a novel of my own. ‘Face the Champion’ is a rip-roaring tale of a 19th century London glassblower with a pressing desire to escape an outstanding murder charge. When he joins a relative’s traveling fair, the presence of his six children and life-long love, Mary Tarling, add complication and hilarity to his adventures.
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