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Where Bums and Boobs Bounce Best

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This Weeks Run:    12th Nov 2002 @ Diplo Site . Hares: Alison, Cheryl & Anna

How It all Began

In 1966 many wives were wondering just what it was their husbands were up to  on a Wednesday night that brought them home covered in mud and reeking of beer and curry.   They were soon to find out when the Brunei Hash House Harriers held their first joint run and invited wives and girlfriends along. It was a great success, so much so that the ladies were soon planning a run of their own. On Monday 21st November 1966 the Brunei Hen House Harriers were born, the first ladies hash in the world. 

Over the years the run day has changed to a Tuesday evening at 5.15pm,  but we are still a ladies only hash.

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The Spent Hen, an original 1982 BH3 logo now animated

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Grand Mistress Alison
Joint Mistress Heather
Joint Mistress Sarah C.
Word Bird    Chris F
Hash Cash Helen SS & Ellin
Hash Shop          Sarah A & Karen S
Interhash Erin
Drinks   Jan, Cheryl & Kate
Hash Tokens Sylvia
Ice Maiden Mandy

Last Weeks Run (Updated 9th Nov 2002)

Follow the link below for last weeks run write-up and the receding hareline. 

 Click here to go to    Last Weeks Run

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May Day 2001 
Founders Day 2000 
Virgo Run 2000 
animcond.gif (3846 bytes)   Highlights & Lowlights of 99     animcond.gif (3846 bytes)   Xmas 98 run Pics
animcond.gif (3846 bytes)   Tramps nite pic Feb 98 animcond.gif (3846 bytes)   Pics from Jan 98 run
animcond.gif (3846 bytes)   A blast from the past (part 1) animcond.gif (3846 bytes)    A blast from the past (part 2)

Visitors Book

Visitors and ex Brunei Hens are welcome to leave their mark in our Guest book

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Interhash links

Links to other hash web sites and to forthcoming Hash events around the world. Updated regularly

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