VW Picture Gallery

Here's a picture of my daily driver '72 1302S Super Beetle.
Another picture of my Super.
My '72 Super's dashboard.
A closer look at the horn button and the speedo.
A quick snap shot of my car.
Here's a neat drawing of a VW Engine.
A nice picture of an orange '59 KG.
A cute drawing of a KG pace-car at the races!
A really nice limited KG poster from TheGermanCarCo.
Here's a lowered version of the KG in the painting.
A friend's 72 Super.
Alex Aguila's EMPI parts stash!
Here's a photo of my "Herbie the Love Bug" 8mm film.
Two of the nicest local 67's.
Side view of the all original '67 complete with BRM's.
Me beside the '67.
My friend Alex beside the '67.
Handcarved evaporator unit with a wood face and flush mounted vent and switches.
Compressor unit installed in a '67 Bug with dual 32mm carbs.
Side view of engine bay.
Engine bay of a '62 Bug with 61 lights and of course, an A/C system.

Here's a few pics of myself at the pits during one of the "Run What You Brung" race days.
Me beside my '72 Super.
Audi A4 1.8T.
Our VW club president's full-race 1200 Bug.

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