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This page is constantly under construction. I'll always be adding miscellaneous things here that don't seem to fit anywhere else on my site so I'm sure there's bound to be something here that you'll find interesting.

Interested in the original paint colors used by VW for the Karmann Ghia during its production run? Check them out in my Paint Info page.

Want to be part of a Volkswagen Internet Mailinglist? Here are two of the best ones that I am subscribed to, the VintagVW and the Karmann Ghia mailinglists. If you want to subscribe to either of the lists, just follow the simple instructions found here.

You've read his book "How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive", but have you heard him speak? Listen to John Muir's voice in this short audio clip.

Do you have your own Karmann Ghia related website? If so, why not join the Karmann Ghia Webring. You'll not only get more traffic to your site but at the same time you'll be able to help keep the on-line vintage VW community interesting.

Are you an ICQ user? I am maintain the VintagVW ICQ Users List so if you'd like to know who among the VintagVW mailinglist subscribers are currently using ICQ just take a look at this section and maybe get to know some of the friendliest people on the net.

VintagVW @ stickers anyone? Subscribers to the VintagVW list had been clamoring for a list sticker of their own to stick on their cars so I decided to volunteer some webspace to show the various designs that the list subscribers had submitted. The @ stickers have since gone into production and are currently selling at US$1 each. More details can be found at

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