Gayle Ambler
8540 - SW 173 Ave.
Rochester,WA 98579

Hello and welcome to Greystone Farm. Where love abounds, all soft and warm. Be it Ponies, Corgies, Kitties or Bunnies!!!! We love all critters, and have had more than our share here at Greystone, at one time or another.
Greystone is also home to our beautiful Welsh Pembroke Corgis, our sweet little Shih Tzu's, our international collection of kitties and a few other miscellaneous critters that we love. So be sure and check out the Photo Gallery (and our Corgi page).

Enjoy the website and if you're ever in Rochester, Washington give us a call.there's always a pot of coffee brewing and we love to show off our ponies and our Corgis (and even our little Shih Tzu's)!!!!

Darby is ST. PATS DARBY MCSHANE - Born (St.Patricks Day of course....) March 17th 2000.

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