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Well folks, geocities got worked out, so I packed up my stuff and moved in here. It's too bad it folded up, but we had fun while it lasted, anyway.
I got my sluice box set up and metal detector balanced out and things are shaping up.

I don't buy into everything I see, hear or read. Too many emails have come my way that made claims and challenged me to "Check it out at Snopes" and when I did check it out, it turns out to be a load of cattle fertilizer. I don't pass on stories without checking them out, and I don't pass on petitions at all. It doesn't matter if they have several thousand signatures and I agree with the subject whole heartedly, it goes in the trash. Political types pay no attention to such things, anyway. It's too easy to fake one.

If you find me too crabby, just mosey over the hill to the next stream. See what the feller over there has to offer. Don't mean to get crabby, but my old bones sometimes hurt. Maybe I need a jug of Grandma's corn squeezin's.

OK, I'll put the soap box away now and get down to why we're here. I'm interested in writing, outdoors (camping, fishing, hunting, etc.) and gold prospecting. These pages are provided free for your entertainment, I ain't tryin' to squeeze no money outa ya. If a story starts lookin' familiar, maybe you've seen it before in a magazine or someplace.

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You can Email me at if you've a mind to. I check it every few days or so but sometimes I get busy and won't check in for a week or so.
Who is this guy, anyway?

Hey, looky here! I found me a guestbook in the bottom of my pan! Go ahead and sign it if you wish.

I hope you found a nugget or two to treasure here. If not, try again another time. It'll be different every so often.

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