Gallery 13

Spring 2002
Well, I guess either I forgot to take pictures all year, or there just really hasn't been much going on, or maybe a little of both!! I've been busy with work, and with the project in the back yard making a garden and a kennel for the dogs, so that is pretty much all you get pictures of. I took a trip to disneyland last weekend, so I'll get those pics posted soon :)

Here's some pictures of where I work (my classroom, duh!)
These pictures were from March, right before Open House
Just another angle...
We got a little crazy in the back yard, so here's some pictures of the project we started... There was a big dirt patch in the back end of the yard, it used to be some decent planter boxes I guess, but they were all grown over with tall weeds and other icky stuff. We decided to knock out the planter boxes and flatten it out and then fence in half of it as a dog kennel.
Here's the doggies in their kennel, they don't seem to mind it too much.
In the other half of the back end, Mom and I planted a garden. (okay so she did a lot of the work, but I did help!! We planted tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, raishes, corn, green beans, squash, and collard greens (for my lizard)Isn't it so purty!!!!

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