Charlie Brown, Summer 2000

Click on the little pic to see a bigger one!

Charlie recently started agility training.. It has been a lot of fun. Here's Charlie going over a jump in our backyard.
Here's our happy family portrait.
Last month, Charlie got a booboo on his side. The vet said it was some kind of traumatic puncture wound, but we have no idea where it came from. The poor guy had to have surgery to get it all fixed up!!
Charlie's booboo is all better now... but he's still got a bald spot!! heheheh!!!
Life is RUFF!!
It's really a dog's life
Again, the puppy shows just how RUFF his life is!
WE took Charlie for a trip up to Bass Lake... they don't call them Retrievers for nothing!
Charlie poses for a pic on our camping trip
How can you not just LOVE a face like that???
Don't you jsut love that cheesy Hollywood grin?
he's STILL smilin!!
Charlie chews on his favorite Wubbie
Charlie poses with me in the lake

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