About ElectraWoman and DynaGirl

ElectraWoman and DynaGirl, fighting all evil deeds

Each writes for magazine, hiding the life they lead

summoned to electrabase by electracomps they wear

Lori and Judy dare to face any criminal anywhere

ElectraWoma and DynaGirl

The lyrics spell out their story more complete than any episode.

Our lovely superheroines have no superpowers. None. They just use their electracomps, brains, and beauty.

They are journalists, who live in a split-level ranch house, in need of landscaping.

We don't know where Frank lives. I wonder if Lori and Judy do?
The audience is told nothing else about the duo during the run of the show. We can guess that Judy idolizes Lori, and that Lori hates spiders. They seem passionate about journalism, and Judy likes 'Colorado Johnson, Mr. country-rock himself' (think John Denver, this is 1976).

I have read several times that they are an exgymnastics coach and her protege. But that is because of a converstation they have before escaping a trap. Lori refers to Judy doing a jump that dazzled the judges at the olympics. Again, this is 1976, an Olympic summer. The Nadia summer. Remember? Weren't born yet? (Nadia Commaniche was a big time olympic star, maybe the first to get a perfect score. Gymnastics was popular then.)

That was ElectraWoman being flip, not doing one. As far as we know, they answered adds in the LA Times looking for superheriones. They have no superpowers, other than the electracomps. They do have their brains, but those don't seem to work too well when they talk.

Superhero Costumes:

Much has been said about these. Arobicized, cute, "They looked so fine in their outfits", "skin tight electraduds", and the best line said to Deidre Hall by Rosie O'Donald "Look at the tights! Hey, you looked good."

They are superhero basics, yet no other heroine has had this combination. Boots, tights, body suit with that new space age fabric called spandex, belts, capes, and gloves. This is the female counterpart to Batman's or Superman's outfit. Nothing was different.

Might Isis has a jump suit/skirt combo, and Wonder Woman has all that detailing. EW&DG just have a simple tight suit.

Today, there is something very basic and utilitarian about this look. Plain spandex against which their logo is placed from and center.

The Anatomy of a Superheroine team: They couldn't have been drawn better. Which is good, because they weren't.

SuperHeroines are drawn to catch the eye, just like superheros. Unlike other blatantly sexist parts of our society, this is pretty even on the olympic type bodies of either a superhero or heroine. And the exagerated female body can contain surprizes:

Well pronounced pupils and eyes

Full Lips

Big Bust

Big Hips

Full Thigh(see below)

Long Legs

The surprise for many people are the thighs. But in comics, big thighs are as common as a big bust. Essentially, the perfect superheroine today is Jessica Alba (see Current Actresses that could play EW&DG).

Deidre Hall in 1976 (not to mention 1986) was all these. Sort of the SuperGirl edition of a barbie doll. In the end, Judy Strangis was this, minus 4 inches, and some hips, hence, the perfect sidekick.

And Finally, their lifestyle (Maybe they're talking about it now!)

10 years ago, early internet discussions didn't entertain the belief of ElectraWoman and DynaGirl being lesbians as serious, but as an erotic fantasy to be separated from legitimate web-discussions. But time after time it crept back into the talk. Now, it is very common to refer to them as such. As one person noted, they seem just a little too found of each other.

Since EW&DG were created in the shadow of Batman!, it is helpful to look at how that series became reguarded as 'gay'. Comedians began to make fun of Batman and Robin. Some of it may have come from the tongue and cheek sexual references that happened frequently. Some of it certainly comes from their outfits. But it came close to destroying the comic book character. Immediately DC went for the Dark Knight image that has since become The Batman.

Back to our heroines. It is basic knowledge that Spears, Ruby, and the Kroffts were/are proud of the fact that EW&DG didn't use fighting or inuendo. So I assumed the fondness and close proximity of their stances were just part of the spirit of mentor and sidekick. However, after reading a comment on "Jump The Shark" I changed my mind.

A comment from someone claiming to be a lesbian referred to them as based on a domesticated lesbian stereotype. Not derogatory. The suburban ranch house suddenly seemed much more suspect. Now, all readers please remember two issues going on...Lesbianism as a mature, respectable sexual relationship between two women, as opposed to two women being sexual regarded as erotic in the "Girls Gone Wild" male mindset.

So???????? Hey, you make up your own mind. But when I write stories, I find it more interesting if they have romantic inclinations for men and not each other.

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