Franklin Township Beagle Club
Export, PA

Updated April 23, 2009

Chuck Diable, President; Wayne Koelsch, Vice President; Joe Plues, Secretary/Treasurer and Field Trial Secretary.

Franklin Township Beagle Club was incorporated on December 12, 1945 as a non profit corporation. The club owns 140 acres. The purpose of the club is to promote and improve traditional brace beagling. We are members of United Beagle Clubs of western Pennsylvania and West Penn Derby Association. Meetings are held at the club house the second Tuesday of the month at 8:00 p.m.

Field Trial Results:

AKC Licensed Trial

13 Inch Females - April 16, 2009, 26 Entries; Judges Bud Jena and Bob Hall
1st Place: Billy B Bruella, sire FC Billy B Bruni, dam FC Billy B Bella II, owner/handler William Bushmire
2nd Place: Elm View Eliza Beth, sire FC North Star Noah, dam Promise Higg, owner/handler Joseph Harbulak
3rd Place: Monk's Creek Black Pearl, sire FC Fuma's Freon, dam Monk's Creek Beth, owner/handler Gus Cerino
4th Place: Clay's Run Tami Jo, sire FC Main Stream Matlock, dam FC Clay's Run Black Velvet, owner/handler Jim Hutchinson
NBQ: Prime Time Tangle, sire FC Beechgrove Chet, dam Kidd's Jewel, owners Gus Cerino and Morris Welch, handler Gus Cerino

13 Inch Males - April 17, 2009, 16 Entries; Judges Gary Bushmire and Bud Jena
1st Place: Brush Wood Boston Blackie, sire FC Boone's Mountain Bo, dam FC Aggie's Beth, owner/handler Martin Danilchak
2nd Place: Parkview Peak Padre II, sire FC Otter River Cave Man, dam Sweetline Pretty Girl, owner/handler David Herchenroether
3rd Place: Tilley's Black Jack, sire Sunshine Ronnie, dam Salt Springs Jude, owner/handler Joel Davis
4th Place: Billy B Bentalot, sire Topspot Tobias, dam Billy B Belina, owner/handler Dominick Gardetto
NBQ: White Cloud JR, sire FC White Cloud Waggs, dam White Cloud Little Lady, owner/handler Charles McElwain III

15 Inch Males - April 18, 2009, 18 Entries; Judges Bud Jena and Gary Bushmire
1st Place: J and G Drummer, sire Cliff's Rivermont Ernie, dam J and G Miss Daisey, owners George and Joyce Klamut, handler George Klamut
2nd Place: Scranton's Legend, sire FC Bee Lick Legend, dam Halley's Sage Brush, owner/handler Richard Scranton
3rd Place: Blade's Trump, sire FC Beaver Creek Spicemarc, dam Walk-A-Line Tempo, owner Wade Gary Fields, handler Dale Bado
4th Place: Dan Arts True Line, sire Dan Art's Mr. Special, dam Canadian Tear Drop, owner/handler William Yount
NBQ: Smarty of Sardis Hill, sire FC Billy Jo of Sardis Hill, dam Billy B Believe, owner/handler Dominick Gardetto

15 Inch Females - April 19, 2009, 28 Entries; Bud Jena and Bob Hall
1st Place: Red Oaks Maddy, sire Old Style Sage, dam Beaver Creek Spice Mary, owners James and Shirley Burak, handler James Burak
2nd Place: Sunrise Sam R, sire Top Spot Turk, dam Sunrise Star R, owners James R Watson III and Bobby Richardson, handler James R Watson III
3rd Place: Scotch Hill Brenda B, sire Jeffco OJ, dam Scotch Hill Sugar Babe, owner/handler Wayne Koelsch
4th Place: Bushwacker Brandy, sire Saltsprings Bronson, dam Sweet Line Smoke Lass, owner/handler Sheldon Metzger
NBQ: Canadian Tick Tack, sire Canadian Patch, dam Canadian Snap, owner/handler Kevin Weaver

Upcoming Trials:
February 8, 2009--UBC (canceled)
February 21, 2009--Photos from Eastern and Heartland Derby Qualifying Trial
March 1, 2009--UBC
April 10, 2009--UBC/PA Qualifier/National Brace Qualifier
April 16, 17, 18 & 19, 2009--AKC Licensed Trial

Contact Joe Plues at 724-863-5727 or Chuck Diable at 724-863-2766. Bedrooms are available at the club house on a reservation basis. Get directions to the club via the box at the bottom of the page.

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G&K's Neatline Tango Tom
Lookin Good Arapho Joe
River Ridge Renegade II
Twin Eagle Bass
Twin Eagle Butch
Twin Eagle Nipper

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