Matt V's Honda 185's work in progress
This is Matts 185's that he picked up at an auction for 250 dollars. He plans to as time and money allows bring it back to fine health.
Matt has taken out the engine to give it a good going through. ..
In paying attention to detail! he had the head glass beaded, and of course is adding the new Gaskets set to it. Also he purchased a new Sunstart 11 tooth Front Sproket to replace the old worn out one! That Jug is looking as good as new. Wow!
Picture of the 185 motor with the head off.
Matts Carb after having been soaked for about an hour and a half
As you can see Matt is rally going after that Like New Look! Special attention to the motor is always a good idea with a project like this...
Matt striped the Frame down to nothing, and it was in really good shape. But after further thought he decided he would purchase a new frame that had suspension on it.
This is the frame he purchased off from E-bay for a 100 17 dollars shipping... what a good deal!
More to come soon!
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