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Last Updated:  March 25, 2000

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My name is Fernando Valdés. I was born in Havana City, Cuba, July 20 in 1975. I've been listen Freestyle Music since 1985 and actually this is the only music I listen too. Freestyle is part of my life. Hope this page help give some kind of support to Freestyle Music.

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I also have many information about Freestyle so you can ask me for some info too. Check out the Links Section with all the Freestyle link i had visited since i got into the Internet. If you wanna keep info around what's going on with the site I recommend to you visit at last one time in the week to see the news I will post over the News Section. Now you're ready to get into the Freestyle Heaven :):):). Good luck and enjoy your visit.

My ICQ#: 32583531 and My AOL Nick: FreestyleMan
My email: fernandoeramis@yahoo.com




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Finally but not less importants notes:

1. If you have any problems with something about this site or some comments feel free to let me know. I'll try to check it out.

2. You can contribute to increase the size of this list with new songs you may have or some info or links about others site like this one. The biggest we make it more opportunities we will give to the others phats around the world.

3. Thanks to all you phats to give support to the Freestyle Music in one way or another. If we all put a little cuote in the glass be sure that we will fill it out to the top.

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