Doctrines of Atheism


By Michael Shoesmith

This is part three of a five part series dealing with the religious doctrines contained within the religion of Atheism. So far we have covered the doctrines of cannibalism and elitism. You should read those as well in order to remain current.

Over the years atheists have gone to great lengths to hide behind the cloak of non-religion. Whenever someone like me comes on the scene, atheists come out by the hundreds to defend the "non-religion" of Atheism. I refer to those people as apologists. There's no doubt they are highly intelligent and skilled debaters. However, resulting from their attempts has been some overwhelming evidence to support a doctrinal structure that appears to form a constitution. I have been able to isolate five "doctrines" as I call them and this third element is extremely disturbing on a psychological level. It is the doctrine of defeatism. Here's how defines it.

the attitude, policy, or conduct of a person who admits, expects, or no longer resists defeat, as because of a conviction that further struggle or effort is futile; pessimistic resignation.

There you go. Defeatism. As someone who has personally experienced the love of God in both an emotional and tangible sense, it is heart wrenching to read many of the defeatist comments posted on my various internet ministries. For example, one gentleman who will go unnamed expressed a public lament for having to take antibiotics and painkillers because he felt he was slowing the process of evolution. Here are some other examples of the doctrine of defeatism as expressed by actual atheists.

There is NO loving, personal deity that has a specific plan for individuals & such claims are nothing more than a desire & tenacity to carry on living & a reluctance to accept you're not special.

I could care less what name i give to ur pethatic therapy group! the fact is, it's all about ME, life has no meaning, so stop pretending u can do better, just shut up and get on with ur day Atheist

Life is merely a meaningless accident, and there is no actual meaning or purpose to any living creatures, as Meaning only applies to conscious entities, when there are no concious beings (human) , there also is no such a thing as meaning; Atheist

Isn't that amazing? These cases are not isolated bursts of insanity like, you know, that crazy uncle that embarrasses you all the time. No. This is a doctrine that is woven through the faith structure of atheism. They've given in to the sensually known environment and given up on the other ninety percent of their brain. They are defeated. They are atheists.

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