Doctrines of Atheism


By Michael Shoesmith

This is the second article in the series exposing the doctrines of atheism. By allowing open comments on my blogs and youtube channels for the last few years a common belief structure has emerged and I have been able to isolate five "doctrines" of atheism. There may be more, lesser doctrines that need more time to surface but for now this is enough. Let's begin with how dictionary.com defines elitism.

1. The belief that certain persons or members of certain classes or groups deserve favored treatment by virtue of their perceived superiority, as in intellect, social status, or financial resources.

Well, there you have it. The doctrine of elitism. Now, I don't make this accusation without proof. I have received thousands of comments from the apologists of the religion of atheism who openly and proudly display the doctrine of elitism for all the world to see. Non-atheists who watch the show from the sidelines are amazed at the flaming arrogance and elitist thought structure that emerges immediately in the comments sections of my articles. Here are just a few examples. We will not reveal the identity of any person leaving the comments.

If I found a moment where the degree of stupidity was limited, I would be obliged to respond. I may however, create a video response for the amusement of myself and everyone else. Atheist

How the hell do you have the nerve to question evolution when we have biological proof on top of over 300yrs of physical data collated from just about every single branch of science? Atheist

Did you even attend school???? Atheist

Rational thought requires evidence, your beliefs do not therefore somewhere along the way (if you ever had it to begin with) you lost the power of rational thought & now clearly no longer even know what it is! Atheist

I'm surprised you can even spell the word 'intelligence'. Atheist

Ken Ham????? hahahaha are you serious???? Whose next, Kent Hovind???? haha, oh come on! How about you find me a REAL scientist who's actually submitted work for peer view? Atheist

No disrespect but i wouldn't read any book written by a creationist as it would no doubt be full of lies. Atheist

I couldn't possibly deny the irrefutable evidence for evolution like your sort shamefully do. Atheist

There's no such thing as "creation scientists", these men aren't scientists, they're shady, misleading, religious entrepreneurs Atheist

Instead of pointlessly TRYING to discredit evolution, how about you give us some evidence to warrant your underdeveloped, primitive beliefs? Now that would be a novel idea hey! Atheist

Writing moronic books & making retarded video's doesn't count as being "busy". Atheist

Yes I have a son which is more than you will ever have. Just because your colossal ego can't handle the fact that you are made of animal cells (although i've seriously encountered more intelligent plants) doesn't make change a thing. Atheist

If you reject Evolution by Natural Selection, then don't go to a modern Western hospital Atheist

You admit to having no scientific credentials, but you then defer to someone else (Hovind) who also has no scientific credentials (his "degrees" were from unaccredited degree mills). Atheist

In any case, Hovind has no scientific education either he got his "degrees" from an non-accredited degree mill and "taught" at an non-accredited private school. Atheist

You can't even sperate from dirt and beeing, you must really be a good scientist why don't you shut up and go back to your little world. Atheist

Isn't that amazing? These comments represent ninety percent of the group-think that prevails in the religion of atheism and is indicative of the mainstream belief structure cemented within the religion. They're smarter than everyone else. Only the indoctrination umm. education they received is worthy of any serious consideration. Only their word definitions are legitimate. And only their liberal lifestyle, no matter how destructive, is worth aspiring to. It is the existential paradigm of atheism and the doctrine of elitism provides the mental and social justification for taking God out of the paradigm and fortifying the delusion bubble that keeps reality from setting in. "We are wonderful. We are animals. It's all about us. We are atheists".

My name is Michael D. Shoesmith. I have written and published five books. Please visit me at prosperousindividual.com. Thank you.

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