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The Manzanians
Jo's Obsessions
HL, QoS, WW, XF, Hitchcock
Centuries of Love
With Susan
Methos and Amanda's Amorous Adventures
Actors/Queen of Swords Sites
Anthony DeLongis
Bio, stories on the QoS set and Virtual Santa Helena

Highlander Quill Club
Home of Eng's snappies

Methos Boxer Brigade
Peter Wingfield Fan Headquarters

Starring Paulina Galvez
Carmen's site dedicated to the actress
Other Queen of Swords Fanfic Sites
Closed archive that was run by Carmen

The Queen's Heart
Mailing List and Fanfic Archive

Sword Tales
Stories by Jim

The Snowleopard's Lair
Paula's QoS stories

Queen of Swords
Stories by Dea
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