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The Temple Book is purported to have been written by Max Skousen many years ago (year unknown, but rumored to be late 1970's) and discusses the meaning of the pre-1990 ceremony.  The book was privately passed around for many years by individuals making copies and copies of the copies.  The book was converted into electronic format, which version contained many typos when I received it.  This electronic version was corrected for typos and it is this version that is available here.  Inasmuch as this version has been through many hands, it is unknown how well it resembles the original.  There are no claims regarding the accuracy, completeness, or truthfulness of this document, nor does it come with any claims of authority.  The book is meant to be ‘food for thought’ to help and assist in formulating questions and obtaining ones own answers to the deeper meanings of the endowment ceremony.

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Temple Book in pdf   (This format can be read by Adobe Acrobat.  A free Acrobat reader  is available on the web.   Windoze users can click on the Temple Book hypertext at the first of this paragraph using the right mouse button then choose the save-to-disk option.   Alternatively, the (pdf) file may be opened by web browsers that are set up with a pdf reader plug-in).    

Temple Book in plain text    (An alternative to the pdf file format.  This version is ASCII text with line breaks.   This one is very similar in format to how it appeared when copies were being passed around in the 1970's and 1980's)

NEW as of 08/99:     The entire Temple Book in a revised format is now available at Max Skousen's website.  Click here to go to it.   

Note as of 12/03:      The link to the website above is no longer working so I removed it.    Max Skousen died in November of 2002 and to my knowledge his site is no longer available on the web.   Prior to his death, Max publicly claimed authorship of the Temple book and provided an updated version on his website.   For copyright reasons, I offer only what was in the public domain prior to that date.   Max also claimed that the version above survived as very close to the original). 


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