The Sayings of Po-Tai

Look for the good in everything and you will find the unity in all.

What is reality?  How do you know what you think is real is actually so?  When you find the true reality, then you will know that it is the thing of the mind.  You will also find the reality of the mind.

Vanity is one of man's greatest foes.  It blinds his eyes, stops his ears, and darkens his mind.  It is like a closed fist into which nothing can be placed or taken out.   It  makes war upon his brothers and friends.  If you would learn the truth of all things, then vanquish the foe of vanity.

True happiness can only be found by taming the passions.   If the passions rule you, then who is the master and who is the slave?  When one follows passion, one is not in control of the path taken because passion is the one choosing.  If you would find the path to happiness, then you must choose it yourself.

Identical words will mean a lie to some and a great truth to others.  And what is the difference?  Is it not that which is within the perceiver?

True love is that which binds all things together.   All would be chaos without it.   Find the true love and you will find God.  Express it to all and you will be Godly.

Learning great truths is like eating.  One must digest that which is eaten and eliminate the waste.  Then that which gives life will become a part of your body.   As you get new understandings, the new will replace the old.  The body is constantly renewed until it becomes perfect.  When there is not proper elimination nor replacement of the old with the new, the body will stagnate and eventually die.  Learn this truth and your body will serve you forever.  Understand that this is an unseen body.  It is the body of wisdom and truth.

Who are you?  Until man learns the answer, he will never find lasting happiness.  Learn who is the true you.  He is often hidden in the background.  He can be heard in the silence and seen when all the imposters are off of the stage.  The real you is not pretentious.  The pretentious is one of the many imposters.  The real self is Godly.  He will never force himself into the front of the stage because it is not his nature.  His nature is meekness and longsuffering.  He waits in patience until the imposters have lost their glitter and have worn themselves out of reality.   Seek him and he will find you.  Take one step towards the true self and he will take ten towards you.  Only through free will does he emerge and give his love.

Beware of the manmade God that is set up as an image which loves only those that love him and grovel at his feet.   Beware of him that is the destroyer by force.  The true God overcomes all by love and never destroys.   If you overcome by force, your enemy will rise again when he gains strength.  Overcome an enemy by love and he will stand with you forever.

Unconditional love is true love.  Conditional love is not love at all.  Conditional love will always demand that which it makes as the condition.  It will fall away otherwise.

Whence cometh your ability to create?  Can man create a sonnet, a poem, or a great thought without the light that rises from deep within him?  Look for this light within and find its source.  When you find it, you will have found that which is worth more than all the gold in the earth.   It will be a fountain to you from which comes the waters of life.   These are the waters from which you can drink and never thirst again.

There is a great paradox that can only be comprehended by those who have experienced its essence.   By surrendering you become free.   It means that you must surrender the will of your false self unto your true self.   The false one holds man as a slave, but man only realizes it through suffering.  Jesus said "Blessed are those who have suffered and found life."  This is what he meant.  When one has recognized the imposter through suffering and cast him out, then the slave finds his freedom in life.  Freedom is life eternal and life eternal is to know God.   Surrender unto God and find this freedom.

Every country my homeland, every person my kinsman, every truth my gospel.

Can one change reality by altering his perception of it?  No.  You must alter your knowledge of it.  Know God and you will know reality.

Cover your eyes if you would see.  Stop up your ears if you would hear.  These are not contradictions.  They refer to the difference between the physical senses and those spiritual.  In order to see and hear spiritual things, one first must quiet the outward mind and its reliance on the outward senses.  This is what is meant by "Be still and know that I am God."   You must quiet all the outer things so that in the stillness you can hear the still small voice that speaks.  You will find the one that knocks at the door, always waiting for you to open it.  Only when you open the door by abiding in this stillness of the outer mind will you know the reality of the inner mind.

There is nothing lost unto God.  There are only things lost unto man.  If one desires to find that which is lost, then become one with the mind of God.  Then nothing will be lost to you.

No man born on the earth has advantage over another.  All are truly born equal.  But, this equality is in spiritual things, not earthly things.   The beggar in the far country has an equal opportunity to be heard by God as does the rich man in America.  God is truly no respecter of persons.  That is why he has endowed each of his sons with all gifts.  This is the true grace of God that few understand because they equate worldly things with those spiritual.  It is up to each of us to accept the gifts that are already given.  These spiritual gifts are the ones of great worth.  The worldly things are but counterfeits.

Carnal man often stands proudly by the river and in vain holiness thinks that he has ended his journey.   He rarely understands the nature of his thirst and that he must stoop down in humility and drink the water.

A journey ended  is the loss of direction.  When we falsely think that our journeys have ended, then we have stopped our progression.   Realize that the real journey never ends.   There is true joy in the traveling.

The man who thinks he knows everything cannot be taught anything.

When you try to possess a thing, it will always turn and possess you.  This is a great irony  -- that a man who becomes a possessor will lose his own freedom.  The man who has all things needs to possess nothing.  All things lost will eventually return to their rightful owner.  Therefore, you need not possess anything, including that which is your own.  Jesus said that the one who finds his life will lose it.  If you try to possess your life, it will turn and possess you.  Eventually, all men find that their life is their own, given by God.   You need not possess it because it is already yours.   Lose it and you will find it more abundantly.  But, you will not have found anything but that which is already given to you.

There are really no consequences to our actions.  Consequence is the wrong word.  In reality, it is restoration.  What man does to others, he does to himself.  That which one sends out, returns and is restored to its creator.  We are continually in the process of creating ourselves.

Some will say that truth is one thing that is the same for all.  But, it is not so.  A young child's truth may be that it is too dangerous to cross the road.  At a later time, that truth is replaced with higher one.  We must remember never to trample on another man's truth, even though we may desire to help him find another that he is ready to hear.   He will see it himself when he is ready.

How does one know when someone is ready for a higher truth?  As soon as they ask the question.   When the question is asked with pure intention, then that person is ready to receive the answer.

A great teacher will not always give the answers to questions.  Rather, such a teacher will often help the student identify the question.  When the question is posed properly, there is a strong desire created to obtain the answer.  It is like a hunger.  In such hunger, the student will search until he finds the truth himself.  Eventually, such a student will no longer need the teacher because he will teach himself.  Thus does the job of a great teacher always come to an end.   Yet it never ends, because it will live on in the student who will now become the teacher of others.

A great teacher will always try to make the student greater than himself.  He rejoices in it.  Some who would be teachers will try to keep the student below himself in order to live off his adoration, attention, and perhaps his purse.  These latter ones are not teachers at all, but devils.  Like animals, they live off the flesh of others.   Their lusts bind themselves and those who are seeking.  They take advantage of another's hunger to feed their own appetites.  A teacher should tame his own appetites, then he can help others.

In reality, it is easy to discern a true teacher from a false one.  A true teacher will love you and have your interests at heart.  He will seek to make you better than himself, often at great personal sacrifice.  He will often put your needs above his own.  That is why Jesus always taught others to become like he is in every way and said that those who follow him (do as he) will do greater works than he did.   A false teacher will fain to have your interests in mind, but it will not be so.   Rather, it is his own interests that he has in mind and he will seek to keep you in subjugation to him.  He will try to make you dependent on him and try to convince you that your very existence depends on this hierarchal relationship.   The former bring life, the latter damnation.

Whatever another sends out to you, be it good or evil, use it to purify yourself.  Always return good for evil and learn to turn evil into good, then you will truly be a Christ.

In his zeal to save his own life, man often takes on a type of insanity that will cause him to commit crimes at the bid of another.  History is filled with crusades, massacres, abandonment of wives and children for the Kingdom of God.  Such a person seeks the Kingdom of God for the wrong reason:  to save himself.   Such a person will fool himself into thinking that his unGodly actions are selfless, but they are all about himself, because that his his motivation.  One must learn to lose this selfish and insane mind.   This is what Jesus meant when he said that one must lose his (own) life in order to find it.   When one begins to care about the welfare and happiness of others more than his own, then he begins to be like the Christ who gives up his own life for his friends.  Only by this does he find his true life.

 A blind man wrongly perceives that a myopic can see a great distance.

How can one obey if one does not comprehend what obey means?   Understanding is a necessary precursor to true obedience.  Seek understanding first, then you will be able to comprehend what it means to be obedient.

One can only come to unconditional love of someone else when there is nothing that you need or expect from them.

Where you find secrecy, you will find many lies.   It is because lying is the natural manifestation of secrecy.  Lying is the clothing that secrecy must wear.  Light kills both.

Secrecy and lying are the soil from which grows tyranny.   It often manifests itself as wolves eating the flesh of sheep.  And the wolves will even lie to themselves in saying that they are doing the sheep a favor.

Jesus invited all to come and drink of the water without money and without price.   In this, Jesus spoke of the true gift.  There is never a price placed upon a gift.   And there is never a gift that is withdrawn.  If a gift is withdrawn because of some condition, then it was never a gift in the first place.  Realize that it is the receiver that often denies the gift, withdraws from it, and refuses to receive it.  And so it is the receiver rather than the giver who is the one at fault if the gift is not bestowed.

One of the greatest mysteries LDS will come face-to-face with is in the meaning behind the endowment.  The endowment is a token and a sign of what takes place in the true temple, which temple ye are.   Those who worship in the buildings have missed the point and thus must remain with what is a mere token.
The false temple is built with hands and is as meaningless as it's tokens.  Getting the tokens means nothing because symbols are counterfeits of what is real.

In the false temple, men will get the words.   In the true temple, they will get the Word.
In the false temple, men will get the form.   In the true temple, they will get the essence.  
In the false temple, men will get the script.   In the true temple, they will get the meaning.
Ultimately, one must put the words, form, and script behind them, where it belongs.
When men tire of tokens, they will eventually come to see what they are about.

There is great irony that those who live in the mindful past or future will usually accuse the one who lives in the eternal present (now here) as one who lives in the dream world.

Many of us fallen beings live our existence with the erroneous

Many of us fallen beings live our existence with the erroneous belief that heaven is an improved version of the world in which we live.  That means that heaven is believed to be an improved hell.  The irony is that our subsequent efforts to improve hell, often works.  Zion and Babylon have always been mutually exclusive in their existence.  One leaves Babylon behind in the journey to find Zion that has always existed, otherwise it isn’t eternal.  When it is time, you will comprehend this fully and you will naturally let Babylon go.  It is not be needed any longer by you, although it will continue to serve others of that which a holy one will not deprive another, their own desire manifested.  One learns that there was never a War in Heaven, except in our own preconceived illusions of a God who is so weak that he can be threatened.  Evil was a creation and it is we who have created it so that we might understand this very thing.  When what you have created has fulfilled its purpose, then it shall pass away as something that no longer has a purpose.

God creates his world. Satan organizes it.  The belly of the beast is an organization.  Free yourself of all organizations.


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